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Cheaper food AFTER EU exit: The next £350 million brexit lie?

There are so many things wrong with this Express article and misquoted IEA article, I decided to write a special debunking blog post about it. How Express readers in one line can be told that wages of UK farm workers will go up and in … Continue reading

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‘Remain’ can’t advance a single quantifiable, economic reason for staying in the EU: Really?

Today on father’s day the best gift of all was seeing all my children posting powerful pro Remain stories on Facebook. I am glad we brought them up to be be warmhearted Europeans rather than little Englanders.  I will just … Continue reading

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The deceit of brexit shouters (part 2)

The latest economic bad news has given #brexit shouters plenty of false ammunition to direct at EU  when they really should be looking much closer to home for the culprits. I am talking of course of the announced sale and … Continue reading

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Having your UKIP porky pie and eat it?

After severe food shortages during and after the last world war the EU instigated the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) to ensure we had food security in Europe. Kippers love to moan about CAP. Who remembers the food-rationing-coupons after the war? … Continue reading

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