The deceit of brexit shouters (part 2)

The latest economic bad news has given #brexit shouters plenty of false ammunition to direct at EU  when they really should be looking much closer to home for the culprits. I am talking of course of the announced sale and possible closure of British Steelworks owned by Tata.

The narrative of the #brexit tweets is that it is EU rules preventing state aid when in fact it is Cameron and Osborne cosying up to their new friends in China that blocked any increase of the current EU tariffs on Chinese steel which stand at 9%. Note that the Americans have no problem in levying up to 266% punitive duty to protect their strategic steel industry.

This is just today’s topical issue but a little trawling through ant EU tweets reveal many many more examples:

The accession of Turkey and the Islamisation of Europe: Guess who is angry at the pace of Turkey’s accession to the EU? Right David Cameron is doing most of the pushing!

The influx of East European economic migrants: Tony Blair’s great Idea to prevent any Franco German axis gaining the upper hand in Europe.

EU destroying our fisheries. Well that was actually self inflicted over-fishing from pre-EU days followed by Icelandic Cod wars. Anyway who sold our fishing boats and quotas to the Spanish? Rich British fleet owners, not Eurocrats. Nigel Farage famously attended only 1 out of 42 EU Fisheries Committee meetings he was appointed to.

CAP is making our shop food prices much dearer? Well it seems only by 1% or 70 p on a typical weekly shopping bill. Do we really mind paying that to support our hard working British farmers and get locally produced fresh and healthy food instead of cheap meat full of antibiotics? One fervent anti EU fanatic Charles Efford was at it again at Easter mentioning cheap New Zealand frozen lamb he bought as an ASDA promotion for £4 a kilo. He said without CAP we could have this price every day. One quick Google search revealed that Last Year New Zealand didn’t even fulfil it’s tariff free quota of lamb exports to the EU. The truth is they make more money selling it to the Chinese.

And so it goes on and on, EU lie after lie. It really wants to make you spit at them. But that only makes them cry “They don’t like us on the continent”


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Passionate about Identity Management Disgusted at #ukip and #brexit
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