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Letter 3 to François Hollande

This is the third time I have taken the opportunity to write direct to the President of my new home country France. You see followers, I am not just complaining about #ukip and my former residence in Britain wanting to desert … Continue reading

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This EU porridge is just right for me.

This is a rather long reply I posted on UKIPS Roger Helmer’s blog just now, which I thought I’d share with you. You can read Roger’s original post and replies here: My initial response to Roger was: So basically only … Continue reading

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Hannan twists the facts – again

It’s always nice to see one’s accusations confirmed by other bloggers who spot the same lies. Hugo doesn’t actually use the colourful language I used, when I called Dan Hannan nothing but an ordinary #brexit liar Source: Hannan twists the … Continue reading

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Who is the idiot in this select committee hearing?

Today I was invited by a kipper to comment on a clip on Youtube posted by someone who calls himself Robin HoodUKIP for reasons best known to himself.  I captured the main point our nutty Professor made in the visual. The … Continue reading

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Ukip’s inversed neomercantilism

One of the phenomena on the twitter #brexit hash tag that baffles me most is the incessantly repeated mantra that the EU has more to loose from a British exit than Britain itself. Invariably this argument is supported by quoting … Continue reading

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