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About the old-fashioned uses of Sovereignty

Most of  of my previous blog posts have been about the economic absurdities of Britain leaving the EU, debunking some of the myths perpetuated by our ukip friends and Eurosceptic Tories. When it comes to arguments about ‘loss of sovereignty’, … Continue reading

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A recipe for disaster

UK’s massive public debt UK’s structural trade deficit UK’s S&P credit rating downgraded UK’s contemplating #brexit UK’s recipe for disaster Some links for you to support my claims–april-2015.html

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Keeping up appearences

Listening to Paterson on the #marrshow today, he seemed to be singing in tune with the part of the Tory party that share delusions of grandeur with nationalistic ukippers. He also seemed to sing well rehearsed lines from Dr. Richard North Flexcit … Continue reading

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Selling the family silver

The funny thing is that kippers and delusional hacks like Mr Spence in the Telegraph yesterday look at all those containers being loaded at the Port of Felixstowe bound for the EU and the rest of the world and think … Continue reading

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Lies, damned lies and #ukip Statistics

Europhobes, like Dan Hannan MEP who kippers love to quote, are fond of rummaging around for statistics that are supposed to further their #brexit cause.  The latest one doing the rounds is the following. It’s meant to scare us! The … Continue reading

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Analyse this ukip!

As an avid follower of  the #ukip and #brexit hash tags, I see a lot of kipper stupidity tweeted, but the following one from VeronicaM really takes the biscuit? If you are a true kipper or one of the 50 back … Continue reading

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