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What is Boris’ big plan to get the UK economy going again after Brexit?

Lately I have become more active on the Social Media site Quora. Some of my answers are like mini blogs, so I’ll star sharing the best of them here on IdentitySpace. After a no-deal Brexit Boris Johnson will try to … Continue reading

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The asparagus tip of the Brexit iceberg

As Britain slowly stumbles towards a no-deal exit of the European Union and its successful Single Market and Customs Union, Leave voters are desperately reassuring themselves in their echo chambers that trading on just WTO terms after the 27th of … Continue reading

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What makes a great Trading Nation?

I keep reading posts about what a great trading nation Great Britain is, or was, or could be after Brexit so I tried to look for ‘United Kingdom’ in the global list of countries by net exports. I was not … Continue reading

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CAP explained to Brexit fools

If you don’t mind I share with you snippets of a discussion on a Facebook page about, well EU politics of course….. As a large chunk of the EU budget is spent on agricultural support the conversation drifted to talking … Continue reading

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Honey, I shrunk the economy!

Study hailed by BBC and Brexit voters is slagged by peers Continue reading

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Conservative Peer Edmund Limerick Brexit Resignation speech. Chapeau!

I’d like to share with you a resignation speech from a Tory Peer, who is ‘crossing the floor’ to the Liberal Democrats, shared with his permission. His speech makes so much sense. I dare any of the leave brigade to counter … Continue reading

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Yes I am Marching again on March 25

I think the last time I was angry and motivated enough to join a protest march was at an anti-Vietnam-war Jane Fonda rally in Ann Arbor Michigan in the seventies. I now have RyanAir flights booked to join an anti Brexit … Continue reading

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