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‘Remain’ can’t advance a single quantifiable, economic reason for staying in the EU: Really?

Today on father’s day the best gift of all was seeing all my children posting powerful pro Remain stories on Facebook. I am glad we brought them up to be be warmhearted Europeans rather than little Englanders.  I will just … Continue reading

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Open letter to Roger Helmer ukip MEP (does not believe in Britain)

Dear Roger, This is in response to your last WordPress blog entitled: Why Ken is wrong on business and Brexit Like so many Eurosceptics you come out with sentences like “the eurozone faced a chronic economic malaise as a direct consequence of … Continue reading

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For Mark Carney’s brexit warnings you really have to read between the lines

Just listened to the Bank of England governor’s long awaited speech on the benefits of the UK’s EU membership and the dangers of leaving it after Cameron’s ill fated EU referendum. As you would expect from a public servant, you … Continue reading

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Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hannan?

Yes I do have it in for Daniel Hannan MEP, this is my third anti Hannan post, but I really think he is the modern day Lord Haw-Haw of the UK Eurosceptic movement and like this traitor utterly despicable. You … Continue reading

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