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Identity Management Then and Now: The SAP MaXware story

Today I find myself on a short consultancy visit at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia for leading local SAP partner RFID Saudi est.  The University is busy integrating different business systems like SAP … Continue reading

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Aftershocks of an untimely death announcement

As I mentioned in my previous blog it was Dave Kearns’ Identity Management news letter that alerted me to the shocking news of Microssoft pulling the plug on CardSpace. Only today I found the time to read up on how the Godfather … Continue reading

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The curious case of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IAM

What surprised and then annoyed me, is that the relative position of then SAP (MaXware) and now plain SAP hadn’t budged one iota, inch or centimetre. Now I can appreciate Gartner wanting to take time-out for a year to see … Continue reading

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Users still waiting for PKI benefits?

In June 2002 I was interviewed by Computing Magazine. This resulted in a widely quoted headline “Users must wait for PKI benefits”. Where are we today seven years later?  A cheap and easy answer would be: “Not much further actually”. … Continue reading

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