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Virgin Identity Management Listening this morning to Euronews’ Global Conversation with Richard Branson about entrepreneurship, for some reason this took me back to the early days of MaXware, my very own stab at being an entrepreneur. One of the things … Continue reading

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Identity Laws, Principles, Directives and Commandments: Which to Follow?

Last month saw the publication of yet another definitive set of rules, laws or whatever you like to call them for this elusive identity meta system or identity eco system we all like to dream about; a lot of us … Continue reading

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FaceBook, Google, Yahoo: Don’t shoot, we’re the good guys!

Last week I was fortunate to attend Kuppinger Cole’s European Identity Conference  in Munich and follow a track session where representatives of Google, Microsoft and FaceBook were lined up in a panel in order to get a good grilling by … Continue reading

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Why bad Identity drives out good identity

I am more and more concerned about the relentless expansion of what Kim Cameron ‘tongue in cheek’ dubbed the NASCAR approach to Relying Party Single Sign-On on the Web. And its not the inherent ‘phishability’ of the method that Kim … Continue reading

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Aftershocks of an untimely death announcement

As I mentioned in my previous blog it was Dave Kearns’ Identity Management news letter that alerted me to the shocking news of Microssoft pulling the plug on CardSpace. Only today I found the time to read up on how the Godfather … Continue reading

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Information Cards: The reports of their death are greatly exaggerated

In a previous blog post I pointed out that Information Cards and especially Microsoft’s CardSpace implementation of the card idea were having a bit of a tough time. Now people like Dave Kearns have gone a bit further and have … Continue reading

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A wallet for virtual cards on the mobile phone.

In my Dec. 9 post I mentioned I saw some cool iPhone Identity Selectors developed in Deutsche Telecom by Axel Nennker and his team at T-labs and that I would blog about them soon. Below is an image from Axel’s presentation at … Continue reading

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