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Dan Hannan is a liar

Dan Hannan Tory MEP and eurosceptic supremo is a liar. There I have said it again. Must have said it four times by now on IdentitySpace.  Please Dan: “Call a lawyer and sue me” What am I so upset about that … Continue reading

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John Redwood butt of a joke like the British Austin Allegro

Thanks to Richard’s North excellent Euroreferendum blog I was alerted to an ‘open letter‘ John Redwood wrote to his swivel eyed loony friends in #ukip to make the peace after the Tories routed them in the May 2015 UK parliamentary elections. … Continue reading

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Regulation UK style

Yesterday BBC2 showed a great British movie ‘Made in Dagenham‘(2010). It reminded me one of the few areas where Britain is really world class! Exporting its culture, whether TV formats, Films, BBC News, Magazines, computer games, you name it. What … Continue reading

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No such thing as a ‘Free’ Trade Agreement!

Not a day goes by on the twitter #brexit hashtag or some kipper moans about Iceland being able to forge a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China, but not Sir the UK, because the EU won’t let Britain strike its … Continue reading

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