Ukip are the real ISIS foot soldiers!

Roger Helmer, ukip MEP for the West Midlands has just published his very own shameful reaction on the Paris attacs with the surprising title: ‘Islam is a religion of Peace


His featured image of a bunch of ISIS fighters is probably meant to be ironic (like my photoshopping of it) Roger: ukip don’t do irony! I thought you knew that?

Of course Roger’s post is anything but an attempt to build bridges with 1.5 billion human beings representing over 23% of the world population. Believers wo’s faith causes them to suffer a lot more from ISIS attrocities than he or we ever will.

In behaving the way Roger and some commenters do, they are actually responding in exactly the way these deash terrorists want them to do. By using inflammatory images and rethoric, Roger has in effect become an ISIS foot soldier.  ISIS want to spread hate and fear; Roger and his leader Nigel Farage willingly step up to the mark. Their bigotry encourages in turn their own brand of EDL and Britain First rough necks to commit their own brand of terrorist acts to the UK Muslim population. ISIS Mission accomplished!

In the comments section of Roger’s post there are to be found the usual bigoted racist comments of the kind of people ukip pampers to: An EDL cab driver that once had an unfortunate incident with a Muslim over a fare. Some loud mouth English ex-pat that thinks having lived in an ex-pat compound in Saudi-Arabia drinking him self stupid on home brew makes him an expert on Islam.

I mentioned that I am so proud of my four children who won’t stand for ukip bigotry.  To finish this post I would like to share with you a link to a CNN TV intervieuw one of them posted on FaceBook to make fun of bigots. Here a bimbo tea party presenter tries to goad Reza Aslan on exactly the same road as Roger Helmer does his followers with his tired Rhetoric on Islam and Violence.

Stick to blogging about the things you know about Roger like the sex industry.

Reza Aslan Challenges the Corporate Media Rhetoric on Islam and Violence

Reza Aslan Challenges the Corporate Media Rhetoric on Islam and Violence



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Terrorists will travel incognito and turkeys do not vote for Christmas, trust me!

Friday’s events in Paris lead me to flick open my keyboard once more and click on the new WordPress post button, but it’s not about what you expect: I am not going tri-colour on FaceBook or drape myself in the French flag or any other flag for that matter. Today I’m having a good old Sunday morning rant against the stupid kippers that manage to turn yet another human tragedy into a good opportunity to shout: “Regain control of our borders, Brexit now!”

Christmas headline will be that Turkeys do not vote for Christmas afterall

Daily Express Christmas headline will be that Turkeys do not vote for Christmas after all

First of all I would like to challenge the myth that Britain has no control over its borders (or boarders as many kippers think it should be spelled). Britain opted out of Schengen as it opted out of the Euro. Britain can control its borders and it does. Trust me!

I have been travelling in and out the UK longer and more often than many, and without fail my biometric EU passport is put in a reading device. Staff on duty will compare my face with the image stored on the chip. No match and you’re refused entry. It happened to a mate who washed his UK passport by accident, rendering it unusable. I am pretty sure this is followed up by an on-line check against a computerized Home Office database   containing a constantly updated watch list of people who pose a risk to the UK and should be denied entrance or will be monitored to see who they network with. Intelligence is our best defense, not pulling up the draw bridge, not blocking up the Channel tunnel.

Let’s be honest, these kind of automated database checks are the only sensible way to check the volume of visitors an open modern economy like the UK’s is expected to be able to handle in this day and age. UK Airports and Ferry ports would become a national embarrassment if immigration checks were done by third degree interrogations. What next: Lie detectors? An army of interpretors at every border post? If anything, this Identity and Access Management (IAM) method of border control calls for all of the EU’s similar data bases to be linked with meta directory connectors, or we’d still be pissing in the wind! Again more integration is the answer, not LEAVE.EU

“But..”, the simple kipper interjects: “Not being cynical but an EU passport granted to an ‘alien’ in Greece is a passport without clarity, how can we stop those falling in the hands of terrorists?”

My answer to that question is again one of incredulity: Do Brits really think that Greece, or Germany for that matter, give out blank biometric EU passports to every migrant they check in? And that this allows these people to take a Eurostar into London the very next day?

Now I don’t work in ‘Immigration Services’, but from what I have read as an Identity Management expert, migrants applying for asylum in an EU country get a temporary residence permit from that country at most, while their proper refugee status is assessed. This can take weeks, even months!  Try entering Britain with a piece of paper that just confirms your identity and a statement your immigration status is being verified in another EU country? Document forgers would have a field day! All refugee camps in Dunkirk and Calais would be empty overnight, if all that was needed is a piece of paper with an official looking stamp.  You think people traffickers would not bolt on that small service on their extortionate fees if it was that simple?


Some Eurosceptic cartoonists portray the news that France is closing its borders with an obscene relish.  Personally I think what we have here is more political posturing. So maybe a few Gendarmes are posted at the main motorway border crossings for the next few days. the Schengen agreement allows this anyway as a temporary measure.  I don’t think for one moment France or any other Schengen nation has the manpower or appetite to repeat this at every little B-road border crossing. It just makes for good television and reassures the masses. What will come out of this tragedy is that together in the EU we will put more resources into securing the EU’s external borders like the ones with Turkey. You probably won’t read about in British tabloids, certainly not that measures like that benefit Britain more than bulldozing a few hundred migrants’ tents in Calais.

In conclusion I would like to make the point, that making a headline out of the fact that a few ISIS/daesh terrorists might have slipped in, hidden amidst the diaspora of refugees crossing EU borders, is like filling up your front page with the news that “Turkeys do not vote for Christmas after all”. It’s as stupid as ‘Freddy ate my hamster’.

Does that mean we should push back all refugees back into the Mediterranean in their little leaking boats like one ukip tweeter suggested today?

Well, if that’s your solution, use your free movement of EU travel; buy a ticket to Greece and start pushing. My guess: Even the most hardened kipper will start thinking of their own children and grandchildren as they look in the crying faces of those they condemn.  Or better still, rewatch a movie about the Dunkirk spirit at the outbreak of WWII and then wipe the tears from your eyes when you realise what people like Nigel Farage have reduced this great nation’s once kind and welcoming spirit to.

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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: We show we can fudge trade statistics with the best of kippers

Today my eye caught a tweet from @MailOnline on Twitter about British exports to Europe: They said they were down 2.1 per cent… sales to the rest of the world up a remarkable 6.8 per cent. Hey we’re good to #brexit right?


Now I follow the official UK exports stats regularly so I thought lets check that out. They are usually published around the 6th of each month and sure enough the September figures were just released on the day the ‘Dayly Mail’ carried its story here:

And I quote (cut and paste): “Exports of goods to countries outside the EU fell by 11.8% (£4.8 billion) in quarter 3 (July to September) 2015 compared with quarter 2 (April to June) 2015 when exports to non-EU countrieswere at a record high.”

So I guess we can all guess which figures the Mail was using and kippers are busy retweeting: Not the latest 3 months ONS figures but q2 2015 which was by all accounts an anomaly.

Note that the September figures do not include trade in services as it seems these are only compiled 4 times a year from surveys (not in November).  Until ONS compares the next set of figures the ones I quote are the latest ones and hence another British tabloid cought lying and kippers lapping it up as the gospel truth.

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#‎ukip‬’s ‪#‎brexit‬ Achilles heel?

marrshowThis morning listening to  Swivel Garage on ‪the Andrew Marr show‬ it struck me again: These kippers keep repeating this mantra that EU needs Britain a lot more than the other way around simply because “we buy more from them, than they buy from us”.

I have only ever heard one UK politician in parliament challenging this notion. Sadly I can’t Google the reference in Hansard for some reason. I remember he said something like: “I always thought selling abroad was the hard bit; buying from abroad seems the easy bit!”

Every UK bank note used for foreign imports is in fact something  like a British IOU:
I, Governor of the Bank of England, promise the bearer of this note to pay x or y amount.

No wonder so much of the UK’s infrastructure is now ‘foreign owned’, These UK IOU bonds eventually wing their way back from China, Germany, France etc.

Can someone please call Farage on his life show tonight and ask him to get to the bottom of his economic thinking: Why does he think that the UK can continue living on credit after #brexit. How does saying “beye beye” to your largest export market help solve what ‘The Economist’recently referred to as ‘The other deficit’ ?


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The EU very much has the whip hand in brexit negotiations

Every now and then the indomitable Dr Richard EA North of Flexcit and  fame (see blog roll on side bar) comes out with a real corker.

He may be verbatose and have an over inflated sense of his own importance, but he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. We have this in common at least; we both hate #ukip and Mathew Elliott’s ‘Business for Britain‘ and ‘Vote Leave Ltd.’ campaigns with a vengeance. Not because of their goals of leaving the EU, but because of the outright brexit nonsense they constantly peddle and expect the British public to believe. Nonsense so obvious that it does their brexit cause more harm than good. That’s what I like of course.

So from time to time I dip into Dr North’slengthy musings, as he often provides, hidden ammunition to shoot down his less brainy #brexit fellow travellers. He just can’t help himself throwing big angry stones in his China shop. Like in this piece where he muses:

“What they [Vote Leave Ltd] really need to wake up to is that, in terms of world trade law, the European Union is defined as a Regional Trade Agreement (RTA) and, as such, is permitted under trading rules, to discriminate against non-members (which we would be). As such, it can determine the rules of entry for products intended for its market and, if they are not met, it can refuse them entry.

On the other hand, as long as its products meet international standards, which they tend to do as long as testing hasn’t been rigged, we cannot refuse them entry. We are not an RTA and are not permitted to discriminate.

If we choose to impose penal tariffs, we must impose them on all other countries which send us cars. Then, under anti-discrimination rules, we cannot apply any regulations or controls which we don’t apply to our own products, and all other imports.

In short, the practical outcome of this is that, irrespective of whether we reach a deal with the EU, its Member States will be able to continue exporting to us, while we will find it very difficult to export to them. The EU very much has the whip hand. It can afford to wait – we can’t.”


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Open letter to Roger Helmer ukip MEP (does not believe in Britain)

Dear Roger,

This is in response to your last WordPress blog entitled: Why Ken is wrong on business and Brexit

Like so many Eurosceptics you come out with sentences like “the eurozone faced a chronic economic malaise as a direct consequence of the Single Currency, while we in Britain have thanked our lucky stars that we stayed out”

You offer zero proof for such a crass statement, so the kindest review of your post is to say that your post is just the usual “wrong then wrong now” ukip speculation.

First of all I would venture that the 2008 financial crash hit the UK just as hard as any country in the Eurozone. Having the pound offered absolutely no protection against that, as the following graph clearly shows:


EURO area vs UK economic growth. Source

Secondly although Britain may have had a better than average Eurozone recovery since then, Germany was actually back at pre 2008 levels four years before Britain broke even again in 2014. Well, as Germany uses the Euro and Britain uses Sterling: What was it exactly that we should all be so pleased about that we have to thank our lucky stars?

The problem with ukip supporters/politicians is that they are blessed with this wonderful thing called ‘selective perception’ and they assume we all carry the same kipper blinkers.

So they see eurozone countries like Italy and Greece suffering: In the same breath as spouting ‘believe in Britain’ they want us to accept without question Britain in Eurozone would have ended up in the gutter alongside bankrupt Greece? Never could they contemplate Britain’s manufacturing heartlands’ exports to Europe and the rest of the world might have benefitted enormously from a cheap Euro, like Germany’s exports undoubtably did. Never will they even entertain the very thought that, alongside the world’s premier financial services hub in the City of London, UK might have boasted a West Midlands/Northern industrial powerhouse at the same time, rivalling any German industrial area.

In a Eurozone the UK could have had the best of borth worlds: Top in both the financial sector and the manufacturing sector. Not only a surplus in ‘services exports’ but also a surplus in ‘goods exports’ and hence a positive balance of trade instead of the UK’s worrying combined current account deficit.

Today, it’s if only Farage’s and Cameron’s friends in the City of London count for anything, as if what we happen to manufacture in Britain is just an entertaining side show of no importance.

I am big enough to admit what I say above is also speculation, but at least I offer you two independent links (see below) from the Telegraph and the FT to back up my claims, claims so easily dismissed by the closed ukip mind set.

Can you do the same Roger, or should we just share your blinkered personal vision as the gospel truth?


Exhibit A: Telegraph Germany at pre-crisis level four years before UK

Exhibit B: FT Britain might have fared better in Eurozone

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For Mark Carney’s brexit warnings you really have to read between the lines

Just listened to the Bank of England governor’s long awaited speech on the benefits of the UK’s EU membership and the dangers of leaving it after Cameron’s ill fated EU referendum.


As you would expect from a public servant, you would be hard pressed to find Canadian Mark Carney take sides in a way that would have either the ‘remain’ or ‘leave’ camp jumping up and down in supposed victory. Nevertheless, in the time honoured way of selective perception, I tried to make notes of where I read coded messages of #brexit warnings between Mark’s diplomatic lines, words carefully chosen not to give offense to either the ‘In-camp’ or the ‘Out-camp’ or his political masters in Westminster.

Three main themes were highlighted by the ‘Guv’:

  1. Being part of the EU has been beneficial to the ‘openness’ of the UK economy. It created ‘dynamism’. An economy open to international trade and capital flows also needs to be open to give jobs to the most talented people from all over the EU (and the wider world over I guess). This is  necessary to make the most of these great opportunities an open economy offers the UK.
  2. Being ‘open’ also brings with it the risk of being ‘exposed’ to economic shocks which happen in other economies. This means that if the Eurozone finds itself in crisis, also the UK suffers the consequences. Having the Pound does not make the UK immune to the wo’s of its biggest trading partner. One of the Bank’s tasks is to minimise those Eurozone shocks or at least the susceptibility/vulnerability to them.
  3. Finally the UK is impacted by the EU’s regulations and rules. Euro sceptics looking for a condemnation of EU overegulation and red tape must have been disappointed on the night. If anything, Mark said that the UK has a higher requirement for good regulation than yout EU average. This is especially true for the UK’s financial sector, which dwarfs those of other EU countries.

As is to be expected Mark’s talk and examples favorited the UK’s ‘Services sector’. He didn’t really talk much about UK manufacturing, although he said that Britain’s structural trade deficit in goods is worrying (like I have said in this blog many times). Hemoraging trade deficits exporting goods are only sustainable by the grace of a healthy surplus in the UK Services sector. Still there remains a 4-6% of GDP current account deficit for the UK to deal with, which is today mainly financed by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).  Mark said FDI that takes the form of real investment in our economy is good, it brings jobs and prosperity and can’t by its nature be withdrawn overnight.   When FDI takes the form of foreign powers buying UK debt bonds, the story is different and more risky. People forget that 30% of the UK’s national debt is today foreign held. Carney alluded to the risk that  these type of investments in an ‘open’ economy can be withdrawn overnight. The word he used was ‘Capital Flight’. Could that risk scenario allude to what might happen if Britain were to lose its AAA credit rating after a Brexit? After all with interest rates on the 1.5 trillion UK national debt rising to Greek levels, servicing that debt could become catastrophic?

Having established that the UK has this super-sized financial services market, Carney explained, that in view of the global role and responsibility the City of London has, the UK’s need for regulating that market is rather higher than lower than anything we might see being pushed from ‘Bwussels’. He also debunked the kipper and Eurosceptic spread myth that there is no EU single market for financial services: “there has been progress” he said. However when it comes to creating ‘an architecture to further improve the flow of financial services’ in the EU, then he admitted “there remains work to be done”. The natural Eurosceptic question should be: “Is that work so crucial to the UK better done ‘in’ or ‘out’ ?

Here again I can quote Mark Carney noting that for instance “creating a regulatory framework for capital markets is best done by 28 nations working together”. Mark acknowledged that the Eurozone has a need for ‘closer financial and fiscal integration’ to succeed in th elong run and that it would be a tough task for Britain to negotiate certain safeguards for itself and other countries in the EU, that retain their own currencies and their own associated risks.

My take on this: Indeed the threat of #brexit may be the only bargaining chip Cameron has to negotiate ‘bankable guarantees’ in this respect, because having opted out of the single currency and constantly fighting ‘closer union’, Britain is already seen as ‘half-way out’ of the tent by many of the other Eurozone members. If they were to call Cameron’s bluff and tell him diplomatically to ‘Piss off’ Mark Carneys job to protect the UK economy will have suddenly become a whole lot more difficult. To me that was his most important message of the night.

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