About the old-fashioned uses of Sovereignty

Most of  of my previous blog posts have been about the economic absurdities of Britain leaving the EU, debunking some of the myths perpetuated by our ukip friends and Eurosceptic Tories. When it comes to arguments about ‘loss of sovereignty’, other than making fun of people who get hot under the collar where their food labels are designed, I find those kind of points much harder to debunk. Basically I couldn’t care less about national sovereignty. That may be because I feel more European, rather than Dutch, English or French. Today I would like to reblog someone who has actually put into words, far better than I ever could, why the sovereignty these europhobes so hanker after, is nothing but an illusion.

In 2015, people and parties, which are talking about sovereignty, mostly use it to protest against Europe. Against European integration, at least. In France, the Front National (FN) believes it garners electoral successes, defending the Nation, the French People and their unchallengeable sovereignty when really, most of its newly recruited voters just try to express their disbelief in the ability of the traditional political parties to solve the economical crisis that France seems stuck in. In the UK, Cameron made a political bet ahead of 2015 General Elections, which was quite right at the crossroad between obliviousness and a kamikaze oath, when he promised to hold a referendum concerning the UK membership to the EU. This was, too, on behalf of the sovereignty from which London has allegedly been deprived by Brussels. The EU is a fairly handy scapegoat for anything that goes wrong and that, more exactly, what national leaders can not handle, as a matter of fact”.

Read the full article from “All Eyes on #Politics” here… About the old-fashioned uses of Sovereignty. shareEconomy

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A recipe for disaster

UK’s massive public debt
UK’s structural trade deficit
UK’s S&P credit rating downgraded
UK’s contemplating #brexit
UK’s recipe for disaster

A container ship leaving  Felixstowe for Shanghai (containers mainly empty)

A container ship leaving Felixstowe for Shanghai (containers mainly empty)

Some links for you to support my claims

  1. http://www.debtbombshell.com/
  2. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/uktrade/uk-trade/april-2015/stb-uk-trade–april-2015.html
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11671596/UKs-credit-rating-downgraded-to-negative-by-SandP-on-EU-referendum-risk.html
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Keeping up appearences

owen paterson

Owen Paterson, an Eurosceptic Tory spokesman on the #Marrshow today

Listening to Paterson on the #marrshow today, he seemed to be singing in tune with the part of the Tory party that share delusions of grandeur with nationalistic ukippers. He also seemed to sing well rehearsed lines from Dr. Richard North Flexcit hymn sheet. First he boasted again about the UK being the 5th largest economy in the world and how he resented the UK being represented by a Swedish psychiatric nurse. (EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström, was indeed a nurse for 3 years, this must immediately disqualify her right? The rest of her CV is impressive. That’s why she got the job, I’m sure)

Anyway, as is my custom, I keep pointing out that the main problem with the no-camp is that they are always barking up the wrong tree. Are ‘freedom and sovereignty’ really better served outside the EU trade block? Will the UK vote different to the EU trade representative in all but a few rare cases? Has the UK not often held the same post in the EU commission as Ms. Malmström ?

The uncomfortable truth about Britain’s constant ‘higher than exports’ imports is that the UK has been selling the family silver for decades to balance its trade books. Today, who owns the major manufacturing plants in Britain? Its car assembly lines? Who owns large chunks of its transport and distribution services? Who owns the prime real estate in London? What does this ‘freedom’ get UK citizens, other than a chance for their elected representatives putting up another charade in other than non-EU international bodies they like to speak of ? Just about everything Britain once proudly owned is mortgaged to the hilt with the same people Paterson says he would like to negotiate with for a better deal?

My handle on twitter is ‘Opium Wars’ to remind kippers of a period in it’s history when the UK was running out of silver to pay for the Chinese tea is was so fond of importing. (The Chinese emperor made it clear he wasn’t really interested in anything the UK manufactured in those days either).

A commenter in the Telegraph pointed out that since 2008 the UK’s exports now includes gold. Large quantities are exported via the Swiss to China. Is this gold mined in Great Britain, or is it just another case of ‘selling the family silver’? Remember I blogged about this here and the inclusion of precious metals in UK export statistics mainly seems to serve to UK’s desire of ‘keeping up appearances’ at all costs ?

Personally I don’t mind terribly who owns our factories, as long as they are in the EU and respect EU laws that respect our European values. That’s why I am in #voteYes

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Selling the family silver


Empty containers returning to China are a consequence of Britain’s trade deficit. ( The one’s going to EU travel mainly by road)

The funny thing is that kippers and delusional hacks like Mr Spence in the Telegraph yesterday look at all those containers being loaded at the Port of Felixstowe bound for the EU and the rest of the world and think they are all full of British quality goods for export. Well I know someone who actually loads them and he assures me most of them are empty!

Some of them go on to Germany for them to fill up. After all they sold what, 75 Billion worth of goods to China? About ten times what Britain sells.

So how does Britain finance it’s never ending trade gap with the EU and most of the rest of the world? By selling the family silver and expensive London Real estate. And thanks to an anonymous commenter sergebonduel we now also know that the Tory government is secretly continuing to hide the UK’s  trade deficit and never ending trade failures by selling gold to the Chinese via Switzerland to the tune of 2 Billion a year.


But hey. always look on the bright side. Britain is not bust yet. The crash and devaluation of Sterling will happen long after brexit and the ones that caused it will be sipping Martinis on their yachts in Monaco by then.


UK’s exports of gold to China (via Switzerland) are boosting the Eurosceptic No voters that trade with ROW is healthy and rising. I call it selling the family ‘s gold

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Lies, damned lies and #ukip Statistics

Europhobes, like Dan Hannan MEP who kippers love to quote, are fond of rummaging around for statistics that are supposed to further their #brexit cause.  The latest one doing the rounds is the following. It’s meant to scare us! IMF2 The narrative is invariably that the whole world is growing apart from that rotten EU corpse Hannan keeps blathering about. In an older post I have explained why the EU’s and the USA’s percentage of Global GDP going down is natural and only as you’d expect. We in the western world can’t continue to lay claim on half of the word’s resource for ever. Nevertheless I thought I’d check the IMF sources of these graphs constantly quoted out of context and without mentioning the appropriate caveats for ordinary folk not blessed with an economics or statistics degree. After a bit of Googling on a rainy day I found anyone can download these data from the IMF data base, put them in an Excel spreadsheet and press the ‘insert graph’ option. Putting the same data ranges for Great Britain, their beloved Commonwealth and the hated EU in one spreadsheet, it immediately becomes obvious why no kipper or eurosceptic Express journalist will ever do this and publish the results.  Why? Because immediately it becomes obvious what I expected all along. That is the same downward trend Dan Hannan like’s to rub our noses in, is also visible for the UK and their beloved Commonwealth of ex-colonies that still hate their guts. I will let the resulting graph and data ranges speak for themselves IMF

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Analyse this ukip!

As an avid follower of  the #ukip and #brexit hash tags, I see a lot of kipper stupidity tweeted, but the following one from VeronicaM really takes the biscuit?



If you are a true kipper or one of the 50 back bench Tories announcing today their new #brexit plot then you will have immediately spotted the #brexit hashtag near the word ‘Norway’, so you will have already clicked *star* to favour, ‘Like’ on faceBook, retweeted the lot and thought no more of it.

If you still have an open mind how you are going to vote in Cameron’s doomed EU Referendum  you might say: “Hold on a second Marcus, you are going too fast for me in your condemnation of poor Veronica, what am I missing here?”

OK let’s analyse this properly and hope some kippers retweeting this nonsense will hide in shame.

Veronica and her kipper friends are wrong seeing this story as some sort of backing for their manifesto and common lust to leave the EU. They’re wrong on so many levels that if their stupidity wasn’t so funny and ironic enough to make you smile, you’d just have to cry and cry, realizing these people get to vote on #brexit within two years.

Error Levels 1,2 and 3

What was tweeted:  “Sort of thing u can do when you’re not anchored 2 the EU”

Implication: Norway can only do this because they’re not in the EU, if we in the UK wanted to do this, Brussels would put a stop to it, ergo we must Brexit and leave the EU!

Error 1: The EU has no powers to stop any individual, organisation or public body disposing of unwanted shares, stock-options, bonds or whatever.

Error 2: This is not an anti climate change report, ‘au contraire’ Norway is following well known EU guide lines to reduce carbon emissions in Europe, clean up the air we breathe and save the planet!

Error 3: Even if the UK wanted to follow Norway’s example, it could not do it – in or out – of the EU. The Bank of England nor the Government have no investments to sell (They’re broke!)

I cannot strictly prove my first point. It’s hard to prove the absence of anything that doesn’t exist. I will leave it as a challenge to ukip or the Daily Express to prove the EU can stop EU citizens make stock exchange deals, buy straight bananas or bent cucumbers.

For my second point, let’s have a closer look at the New York Times link that was tweeted:

“Norway’s $890 billion government pension fund, considered the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, will sell off many of its investments related to coal, making it the biggest institution yet to join a growing international movement to abandon at least some fossil fuel stocks.”

Now in contrast let’s look at ‘official’ ukip policy from their GE2015 manifesto:

“While our major global competitors – the USA, China, India – are switching to low-cost fossil fuels, we are forced to close perfectly good coal-fired power stations to meet unattainable targets for renewable capacity. If we carry on like this, the lights are likely to go out.”

So what Norway is trying to achieve and what ukip advocates are at complete opposite ends of a spectrum. And Norway is doing this voluntarily kippers ask? Good heavens!

More on Error 3: The UK could never do what Norway did because the UK does not have Norway’s assets.  In fact the UK’s national debt clock just informed me it has passed the £1.5 Trillion mark and is growing at a rate of £5,170 per second! In common with other oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Norway has no public debt. In Wikipedia’s list of countries by public debt they had to put a minus in front of Norway’s figure to show their debt figure is actually an asset!

So in summary Veronica, it was a nice try to retweet this Norway story somehow as both in support for ukip’s ‘anti climate change brigade’ and holding it out as a distinct UK possibility for Great Britain after the ‘outers’ will have won the EU referendum. You just can’t afford it ‘Great Britain’. While Norway lived frugally and put a big part of their oil revenues away for a rainy day, Britain has blown it all on accustoming people to live on benefits! I am so sorry for your loss Veronica :-(

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Dan Hannan is a liar

Dan Hannan Tory MEP and eurosceptic supremo is a liar. There I have said it again. Must have said it four times by now on IdentitySpace.  Please Dan: “Call a lawyer and sue me

What am I so upset about that I call him a liar?  Well this time it’s the first point in his regular Telegraph blog titled: “Nine things David Cameron could bring back from Brussels to satisfy Eurosceptics”

In it he uses clearly fiddled economic data to mislead his #brexit followers.  I refer to the following bar chart of economic data in the article mentioned:


Now anyone that has ever looked at the Wikipedia list of countries by GDP (nominal) will have spotted that whether quoting IMF, World Bank, United Nations or the CIA’s latest figures, the GDP of the EU is always about a trillion dollars higher than that of the USA. So how can in Dan Hannan’s picture the US bar chart be about double the height of that of Europe?  Well there’s a few reason’s for it, but the main reason is that Mr. Hannan is rather economical with the truth to push his political anti EU point. I call it propaganda lies.

In court in his case against @lasancmt Dan will say:” Look judge, the figures I used, I nicked from ‘Business for Britain’, they made the chart’s Y-axis deliberately start at 10 trillion instead of zero, to exaggerate the differences. They also use ‘Eurozone’ figures which are of course smaller than the whole of the EU we want to leave. Not every country in the EU uses the Euro, ourselves included, but the main point is that a) this is clearly only a projection so hasn’t happened so I can’t lie about it, and b) in the small print you will see I used something called GDP based on PPP, not real money”.

“Oh…”, the Judge might respond, “and what is PPP when it is not at home Mr.Hannan”?

“Oh well in simple terms for my Eurosceptic kipper friends I sometimes use PPP. Sometimes PPP GDP is also called the ‘Big Mac Index’. It’s rather handy to convince simple kippers how bad the EU is doing compared to our friends in the Commonwealth. It’s all about ‘Purchasing Power Parity’ really, see, I like to use those numbers rather than ‘real’ numbers you know your Honor, to impress my view on my readers”.

“Are Britain’s exports to these countries paid in ‘Hamburger dollars’ or real dollars Mr. Hannan?”, the Judge comes back and a bit later.. “so Mr. Hannan, you deliberately used ‘hamburger dollars’ to mislead the British public about leaving the EU?”

“Oh….Sorry your honour! I forgot to stipulate we are paid in real Dollars for our exports your Honour!” apologises Dan.

“Nuff said”, says the judge, “I read in your columns you are very fond of “Common Law” Mr. Hannan and every ‘commoner’ in this country would agree with Mr. Lasance you are willfully deceiving the public. Case Dismissed! Costs awarded to Mr Lasance”

hannan2See also

How the English-Speaking Peoples did not invent freedom by the same author

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