Commonwealth to the Brexit rescue

I always feel like banging my head against a brick wall, whenever Leave politicians utter the words ” we must have the ability to strike our own trade deals”.

Never in the last 3 years have I heard a single Leaver explain what’s actually wrong with the trade deals that the EU strikes on our behalf.

The only half valid point sometimes made, is that EU trade deals tend to focus on goodsf rather than services. But this is true for nearly all global trade deals. WTO trade talks in Doha on liberalising Services trade globally have been disappointing also. Countries just seem more protective when it comes to their services sector.

When I point out, the UK has the second largest trade deficit in the world, that doesn’t mean that I disrespect some of the world class industries the UK boasts. Rolls Royce Aerospace, Jaguar Landrover, JCB (I am sure I’ll think of others later) are world class and have no problem exporting globally while in the EU. The EU does not restrict them at all. That means leaving EU won’t liberate them.

The second thing that greatly annoys me of Leavers, is when they start reminiscing about their beloved Commonwealth.

Boris Johnson did it again during his conference speech. « We will trade more with the Commonwealth where billions of consumers await us. » he said to laud applause.

Doesn’t Mr. Johnson realise, that the average earnings of Commonwealth citizens are a tenth of the well heeled customers we serve throughout Europe?

If we take away the four richest Commonwealth members UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Per Capita GDP drops below $900 per annum. These are hardly the same consumers our UK industry and service sector mainly caters for!

In Paris TGV terminals you can find smartly dressed commuters stocking up on Marks & Spencer’s ready meals retailing at €6.50 or two for a tenner.

Just in time supply lines powered by automated tellers can ensure their stocks are replenished from UK overnight, as most capitals in EU are only a eight hour truck drive away. When there’s no hold up at the border that is.

Just imagine how that would work for an equivalent M&S store in Delhi or Mumbay?

In other words, this let’s go global story is a Fata Morgana. Either we are already supplying these markets or the market is just not there for UK products. Too far and too dear for their purse.

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Passionate about Identity Management Disgusted at #ukip and #brexit
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