Fuck yes, I’m with the elite. You’ve got a problem with that?


Hello there, angry kippers and associated anti-globalist armchair free traders. So you think that an establishment kick in the teeth by voting Brexit was clever? Leaving EU an answer to your and this nation’s problems?

In a recent secret meeting of about a million like minded expats I have been appointed as a spokesperson for leftist libtard traitors who have ‘deserted’ the United Kingdom and hence, so you think,  have no business interfering with the destruction you are causing over there back in old Blighty. It’s a thankless rotten task, but someone has to do it. Someone has got to point out to you that no, you haven’t been ignored, exploited or lied to by the media. You’ve not been taken for granted by the Westminster elite and left behind compared to people living in greater London. It’s all your own bloody fault that you were led by the nose by a bunch of EU hating foreign press barons.

You are the authors of your own petty existence. If you’ve got complaints, why not look closer to home? Stop blaming everyone else! Want to change things? Get off your lazy arses! Because we the elite, are sick and tired of hearing: “We are unhappy and you have to do something about that”. Do something about it yourself! So you left school early to have that ‘Pound in your pocket’ and now you regret it? Try night school or Open University. Don’t blame the bad decisions you made in life on us. Don’t blame it on low skilled immigrants that you find yourself competing with over low skilled poor paying jobs.

What follows are just a few suggestions. Yes, if that makes me arrogant and patronising – I know that’s why we lost the referendum – so be it. But don’t you think it’s rather puerile that you have to put us down to make yourself feel better about your miserable existence? You just love it don’t you, if you can paint us in some liberal leftist corner, all the while hoping that we will talk down at you expressing solidarity with your miserable existence? We’re having none of it! You are not poor, downtrodden, nor born with few opportunities in life. If you were, of course we would look after you in our caring and inclusive welfare state. That’s why us lefties created the NHS in the first place and claim to favour Comprehensive over Grammar schools. We have given you a fair chance in life but you didn’t take it. C’est tout!

Just stop it! Stop your underdog serf mentality and stop moaning you haven’t had a real pay rise for 10 years. Stop complaining that the top 5% of the country appropriates all the growth in wealth this country has generated while you were bled  dry in  your miserable existence. Just because you were too stupid to grab some of it for yourself. We despise you and look down on you. Is that a surprise? Did that hurt? What did you expect? If like you say you’re sick of political correctness, that works both ways. Two can play that game! This is the new deal: You point your finger at us, and we hold a mirror up to you! Oh, now you would much rather have ‘a civilised debate’ like in the good old days? With facts? Too late mate! We can give as good as we take and so should you! If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

The main stream media are all run by lefties? Too right! Especially the BBC! Lefties with at least half a brain! Most a lot more clever than you! It used to be that there were also quality newspapers that were ‘conservative’. Thats right! Right wing papers! But you were too busy watching ‘Strictly’ and the X-factor and cancelled your subscriptions. You now think you can get all your information from your dodgy FaceBook Friends, although you have no idea if what you are retweeting is the truth or a bloody lie. You see, on the internet nobody gets paid to check facts. It’s all about clicks and mass exposure. You read it because it makes you feel good in your bigoted filter bubble. Because you get lots of ‘likes’ when you retweet yet another Express or Daily Fail story about EU gravy train pay rises and immigrants after your jobs and clogging up our NHS. By all means, write to BBC Watchdog with your complaints. After all you are paying your license fee like the rest of us. But don’t expect the Guardian or the Independent or the Economist to lower their standards to your base level of understanding, because it’s our subscriptions that keep them going. If you don’t like the truth they publish, there’s always Brietfart. Hey even Trump likes them, so you’re in good company.

Oh yes and those High Court and Supreme court judges obstructing ‘The will of the people’. What do they know about the law eh? Why don’t you march in your hundreds of thousands to the highest court in the land and show them who’s boss? Oh you couldn’t be bothered? You might have even been admitted to the public gallery and maybe shout obscenities to that Millar woman you hate so much.She’s a forinner aint she? But don’t be surprised if you land in jail for contempt of court if you do that. You see in our democracy, we have something called ‘separation of powers’. That means we have Government who proposes laws, Parliament who enacts them (by a Majority of MPs voting for them) and then we have an independent judiciary who makes sure all those laws are properly applied as intended. We’ve had this system for a few centuries now and we don’t think it’s a good idea to lay them by the wayside just because it’s slightly delaying your rushed Brexit intentions. Don’t like it? try to get ukip a few more seats at the next General Election. Maybe they can bring back hanging at the same time?


You are telling me a majority of the country voted for Brexit? Err.. No!   A very slender majority of the electorate that could be bothered to get out of bed voted in an ‘advisory’ Tory opinion poll. Not Binding for a reason! A lot of pensioners voted brexit only to donate money – 350 m. – to the NHS. Many are dead now. Many more pro-EU youngsters can vote now. Even some of us expats that couldn’t in June! Mind you most of you didn’t have a clue what you were voting for. That’s why Google reported in the days just after the referendum “EU” was the most searched for term. You just wanted to teach the Westminster elite a lesson. I get that. But you’re not speaking for a majority of the country. Let’s move to a different subject.

Let’s talk about your fragile British Identity. Of course you are a racist. To an extend we all are racist (unless you are really colour blind I guess). But face it. Us liberals don’t  pose for pictures in front of a desperate ‘swarm’ of refugees, migrants that are clearly from outside of Europe. Look at the brown faces on Nigel’s poster! Yet the people you claim to admire protest against hard working East Europeans that more than likely traveled here by bus waving EU passports. Get it? Fellow EU citizens that come here to pick our vegetables  and wipe the arses of our ailing (grand)parents in nursing homes. At least us libtards are honest enough to admit our son playing on his X-box upstairs will never pick cabbages in Norfolk.

So you protest that you want a fairer points based immigration system with more control? You really think we fall for one minute for that claptrap of giving our Commonwealth brethren from the Indian sub continent a fairer chance to compete in our job market for low paid low skilled jobs? Hello! Most of those East European farm labourers are saving up to build their dream house back in Hungary, Poland or wherever. Free movement in EU is a two way street. It allows both them and us Brits to retire to a place in the sun. EU workers are not stupid enough to buy an overpriced undersized house like the one you live in. They rent mainly, even share rooms and beds. They save! They are a godsent for our economy! Without them we’d have lethargic growth like they do on the continent. If we are going to control our borders, why not control them where it counts, where Europe’s Schengen borders  border Eurasia. Let’s patrol the mediterranean for people smugglers.Good exercise for Royal Navy! Let’s not fuck up the seamless border between Northern Ireland and and the Republic of Ireland and break the Good Friday agreement in the process. Let’s not make the M20 another lorry park. On the days the French don’t strike anyway!
So annoying when you are on a Calais booze and fag run.


Why was this brexit vote necessary anyway? Wasn’t this whole European project and the Euro soon failing anyway? We’ve all heard that from the few pseudo intellectuals that you follow so many times, that we are getting tired of it. First it was Greece that would  surely spell the end of the Euro, then it was the Italian Referendum that had fuck all to do with the EU or the Europe. But it would send the dominos tumbling anyway, because the Italians have banks with funny names! The fact that the last thing poor old Greece wanted to do is go back to the Drachma should have been a clue for you! It’s not a humble little coin that causes youth unemployment in Spain. It’s corrupt politicians taking out loans they can’t possibly hope to pay back. That’s all. We have them, the USA has them, the whole world has them! Get over it. It’s the same bankers that caused the global financial meltdown in 2008. Nothing to do with Europe, EU or Euro however much you keep bleating on about it.


Now let’s talk about how Britain is this great ex-colonial trading nation, but Belgium exports 10 times more to ‘our’ India than we in UK do. Listen up folk! To trade successfully in this global world you’ve got to have stuff to trade. Importing flat screen TVs and iPads from China and exporting mainly containers full of household rubbish (wiring Pound Sterling to make up the shortfall) is not ‘free trade’ ! We don’t mine gold and silver either in this country, so reclassifying the sale of precious metals as “export of Goods” instead of “selling the UK family silver” is yet another Conservative con! Note, not an EU directive! EU has a positive trade balance with the rest of the world believe it or not! Not every country is shite at trading! It goes without saying that eventually all these Sterling denominated IOUs in foreign banks eventually wing their way back to a UK, which is now largely ‘foreign owned’.  Politicians may very cleverly hail this sort of thing as “booming foreign direct investment” in our country, but you and I know this is a just another fudge from Osborne and Co. same as their stories about reducing the UK’s 1.7 trillion national debt. Doubling it in fact from Gordon Brown’s days! Brexit Brits just don’t realise who is screwing them, so EU is the easy scapegoat. We are being sold down the river. Not by ‘Bwussels’ but by our own upper class twits that pass themselves off as statesmen and entrepreneurs. Rees-Mogg comes to mind suddenly. Didn’t he say baby formula milk doesn’t need regulation?  Think about it for fuck sake! Why do you think Chinese shoppers strip our supermarket shelves of the stuff to send back home?

Do something! Do something is not the same as vote clueless UKIP. Don’t walk away from it all and expect us elites to make it alright again. Do something is not “Shoot yourself in the foot with a hard Brexit”


Joining the ‘Save the pound’ bandwagon was your first mistake in 1999. Look where that got us. It killed off most of our manufacturing base competing in world markets with an overpriced currency. This while Germany makes Euro hay while the EU sun shines exchanging an expensive Deutschmark for a conveniently undervalued Euro. Stop rubbing your hands with glee when the Euro tumbles. It makes no sense! Stop quoting that twat Professor Minford at me. He wants to kill UK manufacturing!

Note this Euro ‘opt-out’ was a deliberate ploy by your conservative elite, while us lefties from the liberal elite were trying to protect you by trying to get us in. You sided with the Tories over a stupid slogan ‘Save our Pound’ and now you are doing it again with this idiotic ‘Take back control’. Small nation states have no control in this globalised world. Stop dreaming of Empire!

Let’s be brutally honest. Some good came out of not joining the Euro. At least it did  for the City of London and we were somewhat successful in Britain transforming our economy into the ‘Services sector’. We could have even done that job successfully for the rest of Europe, who don’t know the meaning of the word services and conveniently all speak our language as a second language. Good enough for our call centers anyway. Instead it was only the City of London that saw their EU chance and now thrives selling Euro futures and derivatives, whatever that means.Then came brexit. The big financial institutions are now busy planning their move to Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. The ‘service’ jobs that we are left with come with the phrase “Would you like Chips with that?” No wonder McDonald’s moving their European HQ to London is the only positive Brexit news @afneil and the Express can come up with. That and credit card sales up. Great closing down sales!


Look I can go on and on about this and trust me, when it comes to economic arguments you will never win. Yes there are a few Brexit economic Kung Fu fighters that spend more time hunting for what passes as positive economic brexit news and can score a few cheap points now and then. The point is they are in the main barking up the wrong tree. Like the revered Dr North of Flexcit fame. They talk about all these golden opportunities and Jam tomorrow. If only we first leave the biggest market we so neglected on our very doorstep! What you want is bread today, even if it’s thinly spread.  Those opportunities they talk about? Trust me they won’t do you any good. If you want to fight globalisation, let’s join together and be a global force in the EU, by joining our forces with culturally like minded!  Let’s join together for worker’s rights and consumer protection in EU. Let’s not drop our standards as that twat Rees-Mogg suggested this week but let’s try a make the best of a far from perfect EU, rather than aiding and abetting the likes of fascists like Farage, Wilders and Le pen. Don’t be a knobhead and hanker back to the days when Europe’s nation states fought each other on battlefields rather than in the European institutions.

GA IETS DOEN. ( Get of your lazy arse and do something before it’s too late!)

This is a very free translated Anglicised version of a Dutch blog post by Christian Jongeneel  I absolutely loved. Halfway through the translation I strayed off the original text as I realises some concepts like “Zwarte Piet” would mean absolutely nothing in a UK context. Sorry for that Christian 😉

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Passionate about Identity Management Disgusted at #ukip and #brexit
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14 Responses to Fuck yes, I’m with the elite. You’ve got a problem with that?

  1. Van Rants says:

    Yes yes yes to this post. . . and also no! Agree that there are so many whingers in this country, who are prepared to blame their own failings on others. . . but also would argue that most of the ‘anti-establishment/elite’ types across the world, are the most establishment and elite people. Trump – billionaire real estate investor. Farage – privately educated stockbroker. The owners of the (right wing) daily mail, sun, express and star – billionaires who tell working class brits what to think – even though they are not working class themselves and actually spend very little time in Britain! Also would argue that a lot of Brexiter were actually comparatively wealthy, spoiled, whining baby boomers (apologies if this is your age group – I don’t have a problem with the baby boomer generation in general, just the whiners!), who had free education, affordable homes and secure jobs, and who now have houses, cars, pensions, security – but still need to blame the EU for all the problems they don’t have!
    Love the entry though! Fed up of having billionaire stockbrokers calling me part of ‘the elite’ just because I voted Remain – I’m a White Van Man ffs, how dare the Earl of Dartmouth (ukipper) tell me I’m not working class because I don’t vote how he tells me!

  2. writergoesroaming says:

    You’re missing some vital pieces of information in this article – the acceptance that we are leaving the EU, that everyone in the polling booth is equal, that when the votes are counted the majority is right – and that 17,410742 is a larger number than 16,100,090.
    And it doesn’t matter how many spoilt old women or squiffy-eyed lawyers you put on the case. We’re still leaving.

    • lasancmt says:

      It’s not an article, it’s a rant. This Is how you show your incrédible gullibility and prove my point nicely. It was an opinion poll not a referendum by the way. Study the accompanying legislation. Only parliament can make this binding.

      • writergoesroaming says:

        No, it was a referendum, you silly little Eurogimp. A referendum which, we were informed, would be acted upon. The biggest vote in the history of our country.
        The fact that you lost and have been blowing snot-bubbles of fury over it ever since only confirms the anti-democratic nature of the EU; as for your need to employ a variety of over-inflated establishment fat-cats to attempt to overthrow the will of the majority, that confirms that we were right to leave. (Before you whiffle tearfully that it was not a majority, let me remind you – votes not placed aren’t counted.)
        The EU is rotting from the floor up – for two years, 2/3 of all MEPs have been Eurosceptic. And then a mad woman opened the flood gates, and now 54% of Germans want a referendum on membership, while the old Eastern Bloc countries are leaning toward Russia as their defence against people they see as their traditional enemy. Scandinavia is in melt-down, and Geert Wilders’ party is leading the polls in the Netherlands. The nations which felt comfortable in receiving funding and enjoying one-sided Free Movement now know they are not welcome.
        If, as seems highly probable, Le Pen is elected, the EU is finished.
        By the time negotiations are concluded in 2018 there will probably be nothing left to leave.
        Now – let’s assume that Remainiacs are foolish enough to think they can keep their flabby little hands on the reins here, and continue to deny democracy. TMay has a mandate from the people – and now, the agreement of parliament, to trigger A50 before March. So, good luck with disputing that – while disingenuously basing the attacks on democracy on anxiety about parliamentary sovereignty (a parliament which Remainiacs wanted to see reduced to the equivalent of a village hall.)
        Brexit Britain has some powerful friends, who detest the EU as do all those who love democracy – and they would be delighted to finally crush the Beige Brussels Excrescence, which they can easily do – it is surrounded on all sides by enemies, and loathed by more than half it’s reluctant citizens.
        Even in the worst case scenario, of violent revolution – good luck with that, as your Globalist turds have betrayed the military.

      • lasancmt says:

        IF the referendum was meant to be ‘binding’ rather than merely ‘advisory’, don’t you think the accompanying legislation would have contained the necessary paragraphs to make it so? So maybe Sir Humphrey said “Yes Minister” and by omitting all this created a little back door to claw the nation back from your brexit disaster. Maybe Camoron was too stupid to notice that Bernard was pulling a fast one. In the end it is up to the courts to decide, not you little jumped up twerp. You’ve been conned again like so many times in the past. That’s because you’re too stupid. Just get over it and go back to watching the Jeremy Kyle show.

      • writergoesroaming says:

        And there you show the two outstanding features of the Eurogimp: that toxic blend of arrogance and subservience.
        You have been indoctrinated by people who convinced you that you were unquestionably right – well, not you, as an individual, but the followers of the European Project.
        Naturally, you must be pumped full of contempt for anyone who disagrees with you. After all, if you remove the armour of that contempt, some truth may shine through, and a large helping of logic, which states that the EU is a failed experiment, a relic of the early 20th century – one of many such social experiments, all of which fail, having a life-span of around 6 years.
        And then there is the flip-side; the grovelling yearning to be relieved of the need to actually think for yourself – the desire to be controlled by others, to be told what to do and what to think – the belief, for example, that what a public servant says, matters more than wat is said by the people who employ him or her.
        Wrong! There is nothing advisory about a decision made by 17,410,742 people – the largest number of people ever to vote for anything in our entire history.
        In fact, it is an order.
        Despite the hideous old whores, and preening parasites who are wiffling about our decision in court rooms, our will will be done.
        We need no justification for any measures we take to enforce our will – because it was a decision made at the ballot box, by people told our decision would be actioned.
        I strongly suggest that you, and any other brainwashed little sad-cases currently puffing out your little chests in the belief that by grovelling to the 4th Reich you are in some way stepping into the future, pull yourselves together and get yourselves deprogrammed.
        You are on the wrong side of history.
        Now, jog on. You Remainiacs have nothing new to add to anything.

      • lasancmt says:

        The referendum wasn’t binding. I’ll take the word of a UK high court judge any day over a fantasist Walter Mitty character like you. Thank you !

      • writergoesroaming says:

        You would take the word of anyone in a big hat. That’s because you are subservient by nature, like all pro 4th Reichers.
        “Walter Mitty”? The only fantasist in this conversation is YOU – the sad little Eurogimp on the wrong side of history, who was brainwashed into hating democracy itself – and doesn’t even recognise that the EU is the fulfillment of the Nazi dream.
        You support Hallstein’s creation – just think about that. You support the life work of the man responsible for decreeing that millions must die for being “impure”.
        Shame on you.

      • lasancmt says:

        You’re trolling me now. You must think I am an important person in the enemy camp. Look at your rants. Surely one part of you schizophrenic nature must laugh out loud at your ludicrous ranting?

      • writergoesroaming says:

        Oh, bless. And here is the little boy puffing out his little pigeon chest at the grown ups again.
        Don’t flatter yourself, you tedious little gimp. Stop trying to have the last word – because you won’t; not on this, or anything else.
        Now run along and stop being so boring.

  3. BoredOfYourTears says:

    One word: Delusional

    On the one hand you blame the tories for us still using sterling today, when in fact it was the Labour government that were in power throughout and Gordon Brown who rightly kept us away from the disastrous Euro.

    Then on the one hand you assert that we were somehow kept from a single currency utopia because of a campaign of ‘lies’, then you go on to agree it was a good job we didn’t adopt it.

    You are afraid because your lifestyle hinges on permanent, cost or visa free residency in a European country, I understand.

    Don’t take it out on the democratic will of the UK, and stop pretending that abstainers and after-the-fact polls matter somehow matter. They don’t.

  4. Van Rants says:

    *Posts on someone else’s page – then tells them to run along* (where?!) – a perfect example of the privileged sense of entitlement of a typical brexiter.

    And, wow, someone really has an obsession with the word ‘gimp’. . . perhaps an appointment with Dr Freud is in order? What I find funniest is how the brex-shitters (ooh look, I can make up words too!) on many forums genuinely seem to be having more butt-hurt about the referendum, even though they won?! This is because they are from the ‘grumpy old men’ generation, whose lives are empty without something to complain about – now they’ve got their brexit, they are desperately flailing around for something new to justify their sense of perpetual grievance.

    Viscount Rothermere, Rupert Murdoch, The earl of Dartmouth, Aaron Banks, Paul Dacre, farage – the Brexit Brigade were more ‘elite’ than the Remainers any day of the week, even if that includes Cameron – at least he’s not a flipping Earl or a Viscount!

  5. Van Rants says:

    “Despite the hideous old whores, and preening parasites who are wiffling about our decision in court rooms, our will will be done.
    We need no justification for any measures we take to enforce our will”

    Comes out with a hateful rant so utterly reminiscent of nazi language – then says his opponent is of the fourth reich!

    This “OUR WILL, WHATEVER THE COST – ze vill ov ze people – language is exactly and precisely how the fascists took control in germany. Anyone who disagrees vizz us must be zilenced – and the visceral, hateful insults – ‘gimp’ ‘whores’, ‘parasites’ – is exactly the kind of language used by fascists to describe their enemies.

    “The EU is the fulfillment of a nazi dream” – horseshit!

    Nazi = National Socialist
    Free movement = anti-nationalist
    Free Trade = anti-socialist
    EU promotes free movement and free trade

    You are literally saying the nazis set up an organisation diametrically opposed to their two core principles!

  6. lasancmt says:

    Nice one Van Rant 🙂 Couldn’t have said it more eloquently myself.
    What a douchebag this “WritergoesRoaming”

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