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Why bad Identity drives out good identity

I am more and more concerned about the relentless expansion of what Kim Cameron ‘tongue in cheek’ dubbed the NASCAR approach to Relying Party Single Sign-On on the Web. And its not the inherent ‘phishability’ of the method that Kim … Continue reading

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Towards a User Centric Identity Management Portal for managing trust

In my blog post of August 4, 2010 I mused about one aspect of user centricity little talked about: That is the availability of a simple secure user interface, in which the user can manage his/her identity affairs. In the … Continue reading

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What exactly does user centricity mean?

Today I have been reading the June 25, 2010 draft of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace  as published by the US Department of Homeland Security. To me it is a sound document that makes a lot of … Continue reading

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