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Aftershocks of an untimely death announcement

As I mentioned in my previous blog it was Dave Kearns’ Identity Management news letter that alerted me to the shocking news of Microssoft pulling the plug on CardSpace. Only today I found the time to read up on how the Godfather … Continue reading

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A wallet for virtual cards on the mobile phone.

In my Dec. 9 post I mentioned I saw some cool iPhone Identity Selectors developed in Deutsche Telecom by Axel Nennker and his team at T-labs and that I would blog about them soon. Below is an image from Axel’s presentation at … Continue reading

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‘Cloud Selector’ blows new life into Information Cards

I have often lamented that despite Microsoft investing millions into CardSpace, consumer acceptance and hence market uptake remains elusive. Shadowing our CTO in the Information Card Foundation board meetings I do of course get some rare insights into what troubles … Continue reading

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PKI and Information Cards

I  recently spoke at an EEMA event in London on the subject of Corporate PKI Certificate Provisioning. I was asked to give an overview of the market. According to a market research report from Frost &Sullivan the four leading vendors … Continue reading

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OpenID or OpenIdentity?

My employer has recently decided to join the InformationCard Foundation (ICF) and I take some credit for that simple fact, as followers of my different articles and blogs will no doubt understand. The real exciting news will have to wait … Continue reading

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