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What is Identity?

Best wishes for 2013! Over the next days/weeks I am migrating some chapters of a book on Identity management  I started writing in 2007 from my server pages at http://www.traction-avant.co.uk.  I have to admit the layout is better there until … Continue reading

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Identity Laws, Principles, Directives and Commandments: Which to Follow?

Last month saw the publication of yet another definitive set of rules, laws or whatever you like to call them for this elusive identity meta system or identity eco system we all like to dream about; a lot of us … Continue reading

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Cloud Identity Management – Old wine in new bottles

I want to elaborate on my cynical remark in a previous post about finding something cynical in rewrapping IAM solutions for the perimeterized organisation in a new box with a cloud motive. Let’s put it this way: If Vendor A … Continue reading

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The curious case of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IAM

What surprised and then annoyed me, is that the relative position of then SAP (MaXware) and now plain SAP hadn’t budged one iota, inch or centimetre. Now I can appreciate Gartner wanting to take time-out for a year to see … Continue reading

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