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Where’s the outsider advantage ?

Today I was asked by a fellow UKtoStay Campaign Volunteer Dario Mazzola to have a look at a widely circulated Tory #brexit whitepaper. The ‘Where’s the insider advantage’ Civitas pamphlet is often quoted by Euro sceptics that want to appear … Continue reading

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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: We show we can fudge trade statistics with the best of kippers

Today my eye caught a tweet from @MailOnline on Twitter about British exports to Europe: They said they were down 2.1 per cent… sales to the rest of the world up a remarkable 6.8 per cent. Hey we’re good to … Continue reading

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Open letter to Roger Helmer ukip MEP (does not believe in Britain)

Dear Roger, This is in response to your last WordPress blog entitled: Why Ken is wrong on business and Brexit Like so many Eurosceptics you come out with sentences like “the eurozone faced a chronic economic malaise as a direct consequence of … Continue reading

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For Mark Carney’s brexit warnings you really have to read between the lines

Just listened to the Bank of England governor’s long awaited speech on the benefits of the UK’s EU membership and the dangers of leaving it after Cameron’s ill fated EU referendum. As you would expect from a public servant, you … Continue reading

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Lord Mandelson lets the side down: backtracks over eurozone stance

Former Blair Cabinet Secretary Lord Mandelson was one of the few principled politicians, who as recently as December 2014 said Britain should have joined the Eurozone and in fact could still adopt the Euro currency at some time in the future. … Continue reading

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A typical discussion between someone who understands a bit of economics and a kipper

Consider a typical kipper statement, copied straight from ukip HQ #brexit propaganda lies and watch the ensuing economic argument thoroughly smashed to bits. The argument started about an article in the Financial Times stating quite bravely that the UK, contrary to popular beliefs, … Continue reading

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Disingenuous UK europhobes

Today spotted the following tweet on twitter. I feel I should elaborate my response in a bit more than just 140 twitter allows, so here it goes…. Why is this tweet ‘disingenuous’ coming from a eurosceptic Brit? First of all … Continue reading

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