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Hannan twists the facts – again

It’s always nice to see one’s accusations confirmed by other bloggers who spot the same lies. Hugo doesn’t actually use the colourful language I used, when I called Dan Hannan nothing but an ordinary #brexit liar Source: Hannan twists the … Continue reading

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Ukip’s inversed neomercantilism

One of the phenomena on the twitter #brexit hash tag that baffles me most is the incessantly repeated mantra that the EU has more to loose from a British exit than Britain itself. Invariably this argument is supported by quoting … Continue reading

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Ukip are the real ISIS foot soldiers!

Roger Helmer, ukip MEP for the West Midlands has just published his very own shameful reaction on the Paris attacs with the surprising title: ‘Islam is a religion of Peace‘ His featured image of a bunch of ISIS fighters is probably meant … Continue reading

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Open letter to Roger Helmer ukip MEP (does not believe in Britain)

Dear Roger, This is in response to your last WordPress blog entitled: Why Ken is wrong on business and Brexit Like so many Eurosceptics you come out with sentences like “the eurozone faced a chronic economic malaise as a direct consequence of … Continue reading

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Mr Bigot

Originally posted on Paul Bernal's Blog:
Mr Bigot was not a bigot. Oh no. He was a proud Englishman. Except when he was in Scotland. In Scotland, he was a proud Briton. He was a smart Englishman too. That…

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London or Frankfurt , Boris knows too well!

This morning I had an epiphany! You know when you have been pondering a subject matter for a long time and you just can’t make head or tail of it. Then suddenly the ‘eureka’ moment. I am talking of course … Continue reading

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Who would you believe: EU court of auditors or a smoked fish?

How Kippers perpetuate the myth that the #EU accounts have not been signed off for 18 years. Believe #UKIP or #ECA ? Source: 2012 Annual report – Frequently asked questions And here the 2013 update: #EUaccounts 2013 signed off, but … Continue reading

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