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Ukip are the real ISIS foot soldiers!

Roger Helmer, ukip MEP for the West Midlands has just published his very own shameful reaction on the Paris attacs with the surprising title: ‘Islam is a religion of Peace‘ His featured image of a bunch of ISIS fighters is probably meant … Continue reading

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DAILY MAIL COMMENT: We show we can fudge trade statistics with the best of kippers

Today my eye caught a tweet from @MailOnline on Twitter about British exports to Europe: They said they were down 2.1 per cent… sales to the rest of the world up a remarkable 6.8 per cent. Hey we’re good to … Continue reading

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#‎ukip‬’s ‪#‎brexit‬ Achilles heel?

This morning listening to  Swivel Garage on ‪the Andrew Marr show‬ it struck me again: These kippers keep repeating this mantra that EU needs Britain a lot more than the other way around simply because “we buy more from them, … Continue reading

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The EU very much has the whip hand in brexit negotiations

Every now and then the indomitable Dr Richard EA North of Flexcit and  fame (see blog roll on side bar) comes out with a real corker. He may be verbatose and have an over inflated sense of his own … Continue reading

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A typical discussion between someone who understands a bit of economics and a kipper

Consider a typical kipper statement, copied straight from ukip HQ #brexit propaganda lies and watch the ensuing economic argument thoroughly smashed to bits. The argument started about an article in the Financial Times stating quite bravely that the UK, contrary to popular beliefs, … Continue reading

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Disingenuous UK europhobes

Today spotted the following tweet on twitter. I feel I should elaborate my response in a bit more than just 140 twitter allows, so here it goes…. Why is this tweet ‘disingenuous’ coming from a eurosceptic Brit? First of all … Continue reading

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A recipe for disaster

UK’s massive public debt UK’s structural trade deficit UK’s S&P credit rating downgraded UK’s contemplating #brexit UK’s recipe for disaster Some links for you to support my claims–april-2015.html

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