let’s talk about ‘Entitlement’

I picked the following post up from one of the many FaceBook Groups created by British ex-pats in a post #brexit referendum world. It could be a Russian troll spreading disinformation of course, but I know similar types in real life that really mean this!

  “A quick word about the post Brexit attitude of the French towards Brits. Countries universally welcome tourists because of the wealth they bring. They spend billions advertising for and encouraging tourism. Tourists import free money. They bring prosperity in all its forms.

Many Brits in France, resident, semi resident or short term tourists all bring this wealth. Each Euro they spend is someone’s profit, and tax for the state. Consider taxes Foncière, d’habitation, fuel duty and TVA, before we come to direct taxation. Those self supporting and on S1 health arrangements are pure profit for the French State.

A priori the French would be acting against their national interest to cause this group to leave. ”

What follows is mainly my reply to this outrageous statement.

“There is so much wrong with this post, I don’t know where to start. Of course you can only write stuff like this if you are a Leave voting blue passport waving Brit with an enormous sense of entitlement.”

In pure balance of payment terms there is of course a grain of truth in this; all lies and propaganda have at least a grain of truth. Most of what follows is pure delusion.

Let’s consider the statement “every Euro we spend is  someone’s profit”
As an example let’s take a simple pack of UHT milk we might all use in our tea or with our breakfast cereal. I like the milk that give farmers a fair share for their work.
These cost near enough one Euro per pack. Let’s see in whose pocket these 100 Euro cents end up.


Only 5.5% of each Euro we spend on food ends up in French State coffers.

Of course different percentages apply to non-food, alcohol and Cars, but you see how easily this Brexit myth was debunked when you think about it for just one second? It’s as these poor Brexiteers think this milk would be pored in a Ditch if British ex-pats didn’t buy it for their tea.

The example of ex-pats using an EHIC or S1 card to get medical treatment resulting in “pure profit for the French state” is even more ridiculous. As if Nurses and doctors in France are ‘free’ and don’t have to be trained and paid? As if they are just twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next Brit to wander into A&E ???

At the risk of making some assumptions and generalisations of my own here, when us British tourists or AOPs spend our cash in The Dordogne or the Costa del Sol, we’re in economic terms just handing out IOUs from UK Plc. The real economic value we represent we created a long time ago, when we ran our businesses in UK or worked on a Sunderland Nissan or Reading Honda production line assembling Japanese cars or whatever we did back in the UK.

As ex-pats, retired here in France (not working young Brits of course), we’re mainly distributing wealth created elsewhere. A young Romanian however, one that picks fruit in a UK orchard all hours God gives him or her, this person creates wealth in the produce they help create with the farmer. An EU nurse that changes a U.K. worker’s bandages after an NHS operation creates health. This also has an economic value. Us retired folk in France or Spain don’t do anything of the kind and our pounds are increasingly worthless as Brexit wrecks the U.K. economy back home.

I got  quite a few thumbs up but also a lot of stick stating the obvious. First of all the author of the original post. I clearly touched a nerve here:

“How very sad. This comment is a economically illiterate as it is misleading. I have zero sense of entitlement in France. Facts are facts and not opinion. You are entitled to your opinion. It is all illustrative of the bitterness and stupidity that characterises the whole Brexit issue.

A more nuanced comment worth repeating here:

“We[this group] cover the range of [British] society in France from the beggar in the street to Lord Lawson in his mansion.

It’s possible to force an EU Citizen to leave the country if they’re not here legally but it’s much easier when it’s a third country national.

The thought that it would come down to our monetary value is horrific. I prefer the idea that it comes down to our legal position but I also realise that this will leave some people in a difficult position which may be impossible to hide once we have to be registered and our movements are monitored more closely.”

Until proven wrong. I maintain my statement that most of us ex-pats from UK living in France and on the Costas are not economically active. Certainly not full time. We’re not all big spending tourists. And bandying the myth about that it’s our paltry UK retirement money that keeps the French Economy afloat is not the way to make friends in France and influence the French administration in a post #brexit world. I’m personally sick of people with that outlook of entitlement. There’s only one group worse and that’s the one’s saying stuff like ‘you’d all be speaking German if it wasn’t for us Brits

17/09/2018 Update
As in the comments section as well as in the FaceBook group RIFT a fierce debate ensued how economically ‘active’ our British ex-pats exactly are in France, here’s a graph from the UK’s own Office of National Statistics. Look at the balloon at the top depicting our group and judge for yourself who gets the better deal, France or UK?


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14 Responses to let’s talk about ‘Entitlement’

  1. P says:

    The “you’d all be speaking German group” is guaranteed to be unaware that 19 Russians died for every Allied casualty or of the extent to which US industrial might prevailed in WW2. It is of course also ignorant of British history in Ireland, where the effort to eradicate the Irish language almost succeeded and where, in Northern Ireland today, British unionists still refuse to abide by the St Andrews Agreement in which equal treatment of Irish language and culture was agreed to in writing, including the introduction of an Irish Language Act.

  2. Jennifer Clayton says:

    I too read the post you refer to, but simply didn’t have the wherewithal to reply (again) to someone who holds that view, so I read your thoughts with interest. People create their own realities from many factors, but surely the sense of “entitlement” perpetuated by certain British (wherever they live) is what has led to the awful situation millions of us now find ourselves?

    • lasancmt says:

      Well I appreciate your feedback but apparently it was too much for Debra Archer, the groups’ admin, as she unceremoniously chucked me out without right to reply, while on this blog she feels free to pontificate.

  3. What planet are you on? Around 80% of people, sure it is more a guesstimate than exact count, of UK immigrants are economically active, keeping home for an economically active partner and family, children at school or studying. Of people ‘retired’ or of pensionable age many of us work, others have businesses, especially in hospitality, there are also plenty of UK nationals who have worked here for many years who are retired but receive French pensions. In Spain, apart from clusters of retired people in certain areas, and perhaps a lower percentage than here in France, the by far larger number are economically active. You maintain your statement that most people from UK living in France and on the Costas are not economically active, but are entirely wrong. Of course we do not keep the French economy afloat, only a fool says that, but many of us are making a small payment into the system, even if taking what we are entitled to from the UK or elsewhere.

  4. Debra Archer says:

    I noticed you quoted me but inserted some words that changed the meaning of my post:

    ‘“We[this group] cover the range of [British] society in France from the beggar in the street to Lord Lawson in his mansion.’

    If you want to clarify what I said then it should read:

    ‘“We[British] cover the range of [the whole] society in France from the beggar in the street to Lord Lawson in his mansion.’

    Having corrected you there I must say it’s despicable to copy comments from a thread in a closed group onto your public blog without the original posters’ permissions.

    • lasancmt says:

      So that’s why you kicked me out of that group? You’re a right little fascist aren’t you! How could I say We [British] when I’m not even British. Putting something in square brackets is the correct way to provide context in a blog and makes clear it’s not part of the block quote. But I’m sure you know better. You FaceBook admins are right little Hitlers if you ask me.

  5. Debra Archer says:

    You put square brackets into my post and changed the meaning of it. I corrected it so it reads the way it was truly meant, which was obvious if you hadn’t taken it out of context.

    Now you’re calling me a fascist who kicked you out of the group for breaking the group rules as well as normal internet etiquette. Just to correct you again – I didn’t kick you out of the group 🙂

    • lasancmt says:

      I just saw an eMail it was your colleague Mike Harlow kicked me out. Until you reinstate me I do hold you jointly responsible. This is blue on blue fire of the worst kind. I have been on three stop Brexit marches an my flights are booked for Oct. 20th. Are you going Debra?

  6. Debra Archer says:

    ‘How could I say We [British] when I’m not even British.’

    It was MY post you were quoting and I’m British. You can’t change my words so it reads how it might from your point of view. Stick to expressing your own views rather than trying to rewrite others’ to fit what you think should have been said or to twist them to fit what you want to say.

    • lasancmt says:

      Tell you what Debra, why don’t you stand up to the trolls on your forum rather than deleting the guy that get’s all the ‘likes’ for telling the truth? The brackets were used correctly to provide context for readers that did not know where the quote was lifted from. A you’re British and so is 98% of your group. You are not a a cross section of [French] society. Get over it and get a life.

    • lasancmt says:

      Freedom of Movement is the most valued individual freedom that EU citizens have. The difference between you an me is that I will call out anyone like that turd who think’s money trumps that after Brexit, while you cower behind empty phrases like “our movement is a broad church, freedom of trolling et. Did not Jesus chase the money lenders out of the Temple?

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