Remain means Remain, but Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit by a long shot!

What a dire depressive week it’s been in British politics. Before delving into the ‘Great Repeal’ bill going through Parliament and having a dig at Boris Johnson regurgitating the same old £350 M. to the NHS lie, let me explain with a random brexit tweet scraped from Twitter to illustrate what I mean with my headline that there is not one Brexit people voted for. For what is currently on the EU-UK negotiating table, there’s even less support than all the flavours of Brexit put together.



Brexit does not mean brexit apparently

One thing is sure, us remainers  are united we do not want to lose our EU citizen’s rights

I think it’s pretty fair to say that the 48% of voters pretty much agree on one thing and that is Remain means remaining in the EU. Not Hard remain, not soft remain. None of this one foot in and one foot out or ‘have your cake and eat it nonsense.  Sure there are real Europhiles who’d join the Eurozone given half a chance and there are remain voters who only voted remain because there is not a single viable alternative.

We all more or less agree brexit will end in tears and that we have more of a chance achieving our common goals by remaining influential EU members who try to steer the EU apparatus from within. We are also united in that we enjoy the additional rights EU citizenship confers on us and we do not want to lose those rights. Our own Freedom of Movement (FOM) is right up there, although unlimited for others raises some eyebrows.

The mixed basket case of serious Leave EU voters and outright nationalist and racist Brexit nutters

Then in contrast we have the leave camp, who managed to scrape together 52% of the voters that could be bothered to get out of bed that morning and partake in one of the most important democratic decisions in three generations. Note that they together represent 26% of the UK population. That’s far short of representing “the will of the people“!

Leave Alliance

First we have the ‘Leave alliance’ who tend to gravitate around the monographs of it’s major thought leader Dr. Richard North and a well thought out plan called Flexcit. You can say about the man what you like. His blog posts are terribly verbose. He tends to ramble on a bit. But he speaks with conviction of vision and all his blog posts are well researched with references like you would expect in respected economic journals. His loyal band of followers are no dummies either. They make short shrift with uneducated racist or nationalistic claptrap from kippers. They just about tolerate differing views of remoaners like me if you keep the discussion civil and back your alternative look at facts up with similar thorough research.

But leaving the leave alliance in search of other brexit camps you pretty quickly end up in some lalaland of imperial nostalgia or outright nationalism or even rampant racism.

I am not even going to discuss UKIP and Farage as a serious political party here. To me they are a spent force since the EU referendum and their leaders either has-beens, fantasists or nobodies. At Westminster, UKIP has no Members of Parliament (MPs).
Bereft of a political Home Nigel Farage these days loiters in hotel lobbies of Trump Hotels hoping that the big conman himself takes pity on him and asks the waiter to lay an extra plate on the table for useful fool Nigel. Always good for a few laughs after a pint or two, Farage is.

Free trade alliance

So my second group of leavers I will dub the “Free trade alliance”.  Here also we seem to have a single person, Professor Patrick Minford from the university of Cardiff, who acts as some sort of mouthpiece for the group. Because there are so precious few academics in the leave camp, Minford can be  relied upon to provide what the BBC thinks is ‘balanced reporting’ when it comes to the economics of  Brexit. He is rolled out tirelessly. like once Farage was.

So when almost the entire body of academic economic researchers predicts that we’ll all be much worse off after Brexit, Minford is allowed to trot out his discredited economic model in which there is ‘a possibility’ of a 135 billion economic upturn to Brexit sometime in a distant future. The same muddled thinking has the BBC interviewing Lord Lawson in prime time television as some sort of climate change specialist after showing us the real spectacle of the world’s receding polar glaciers and increasing tropical hurricanes fuelled by warming oceans. It’s not balance, it’s BBC mischief making!

This Brexit-supporting economist is on record admitting leaving the EU in combination with his favourited  ‘Free trade’ with the rest of the world would “mostly eliminate [UK] manufacturing”.  That’s alright he says, because things will be cheaper for UK consumers in the shops, while our kids should study for jobs “mainly” with industries such as design and marketing. What unlimited free trade would do to our UK farming community is unimaginable.

The Commonwealth rebirth Alliance

This third group consists mainly of aging disillusioned pensioners who have problems understanding what globalisation means and how to best protect the UK and their pensions. They just about get the fact that China’s steel dumping practices are a threat to British workers in Factories long ago sold to Indian steel mogul Tata (like the ones in Port Talbot). They wrongly blame the EU for its and other UK industries demise, because they know that within the single market the UK governments cannot in any way subsidise or favour local producers over European competitors. But that works both ways and on the continent favours UK with a level playing field. What these same people fail to realise is that the EU Commission can and has stood up for European Industries in the face of global unfair competition. That it was in fact their own UK delegation to the EU Council of Ministers that time and time objected to the EU standing up to their new found Chinese friends and vital UK inward investors. I have blogged about that here in more detail. The same delusions exist when it comes to the EU’s Agricultural and Fisheries policies. Brexit voting Brits just don’t realise who is screwing them, so EU is the easy scapegoat.

The third group of of Brexit voters can best be identified by their enormous sense of entitlement. This is expressed in tweets like “We didn’t win two wars for nothing, only to be ruled by Germany’s despotic EU creation” and “Britain was once ruling an Empire, on which the sun never set”.  My quick come-back “That’s because God didn’t trust the Brits in the dark” does not go down well with these people. Even when I back my assertion up with the woes of Chinese Opium Wars and Bengal Famine inflicted by the UK on India for profit. So if you want to hear the same assertion from a less biased source, why not click on this link and read what your ‘bestests of friends’ and ‘Special Relationship’ United States of America has to say about these British ‘delusions of Empire‘?

So here we have it. I could go on to identify other groups on the basis of pure racism or blatant UK nationalism.  They are out in force on twitter, but in numbers their ranks probably remain relatively low in number. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t much emboldened by the other three groups, who for the first time gave their appalling behaviour legitimacy. And with UKIP of course for the first time giving racists a political home and vote. Their existence in the brexit camp mainly serves to embarrass the other three groups by the company they must keep to safeguard their slender 2% majority.

Three Brexit groups whose vote cancel each other out

My Conclusion is that when it comes to a democratic mandate these three groups mainly cancel each other out. The leave alliance hate simple kippers and ridicules both the free traders, the WTO traders and those nostalgic imperialists that think they can just crash out of the European Economic Area without a trade deal.  The ‘Global Britain’ nostalgic Tories and the odd demented Labour die hard MP dreaming of Empire could never contemplate being on the receiving end of a fax-democracy, with which they dismiss the sensible Leave Alliance ideas. They still think Britain is a world power in it’s own right, not empowered by its leading role in EU, but somehow held back to revive those UK glory days of old.

Hence, since this EU referendum was only ‘advisory’ it is only right and proper that we lay the whole Brexit conundrum back in the hands of the UK’s parliamentary representatives.

There is no mandate for Theresa May’s Government to align itself with one particular flavour of #brexit and the associated emergency Henry VIII power graw they say they need to implement this particular flavour.

It’s either that or a new Referendum on the negotiated end results, now the British electorate is in a better position to separate the EU truth and Brexit realities from the fantasies of Free Traders, Nostalgic Imperialists and outright racist Nazi sympathisers.

Now let’s all unite in making fun of Boris.

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2 Responses to Remain means Remain, but Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit by a long shot!

  1. Ian D says:

    As a remain campaigner I try always to be polite, despite receiving much abuse. It is ridiculous to say we should patriotically ‘get behind’ the will of the people. I am one of the people and my view is strongly that what was best and what is best for the UK is to remain. And I will continue to supply evidence based arguments to support this view. That’s democracy.
    As Marcus Lasance says there is a small group of sensible Leave supporters. I believe they are still wrong but they are polite and well-informed. But I think of the rest as the 3 ‘G’s.
    The ‘Gullibles’ are the ones who believe the Express, Sun, Daily Mail, Telegraph etc.
    The ‘Grumpies’ come next. They are reasonably affluent people in later life who are discontented by pretty much everything, except themselves of course. Basically they believe they are surrounded by idiots and life is very annoying, despite their mostly good fortune in world terms. So naturally foreigners come in for their wrath.They can be recognised by a normally grumpy expression which will soften if you express agreement with their views.
    Then there are the ‘Guilties’. They are the ones who do, or should know better; obviously led by Boris J, Gove, Redwood, Mr Bill Cash etc. They see Britain as superior to other countries and themselves as leaders of this superior country and so it is an affront that they should have to take any notice of what some inferior foreigners have decided!

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