Yes I am Marching again on March 25

I think the last time I was angry and motivated enough to join a protest march was at an anti-Vietnam-war Jane Fonda rally in Ann Arbor Michigan in the seventies. I now have RyanAir flights booked to join an anti Brexit March being organised in London for May 25th.


A friend of mine on FaceBook responded: “Why can’t people accept the vote was a majority against remaining in the EU? Instead of implying that we are all idiots, we should be pulling together and working to implement the decision that was made by a fair vote.”

A fair vote? More people were excluded from that vote, than voted in favour of leaving the EU.  I  for one was in a disenfranchised “can’t vote” category even though I paid 30 years of UK National Insurance contributions. Yet young Australian backpackers that happened to be in the UK a few weeks could vote for fun. How is that fair? Why do British ex-pats living in another country for more than 15 years lose their vote on something that important that affects them more than anyone else? Why could 16-18 year olds not vote? They have to live with the consequences of Brexit much longer than any of us?

How is it fair that my UK born daughter could in theory be asked to sit a UK citizenship exam after Brexit, when she’s been teaching British kids all her adult life? Just because she renewed her Dutch passport once or twice? An EU passport I foisted on her as a baby and she kept for fun as part of her European identity of which she is proud!

I for one have no problem putting the referendum result aside, just as I think it’s fair to strip an athlete of any medals gained when found to have been cheating to win a race.
Let’s not forget:

  • The leave vote includes many voter types who would have easily cancelled each other out, had this not been made into a fake binary choice to stay or leave EU.
    So we have socialist workers wanting to keep open outdated UK power and steel plants voting to leave EU alongside ‘free trade’ types that openly admit that shutting such outdated clapped out plants down would be the first consequence of opening the UK up to open global competition after Brexit. Note in reality it was the UK government who blocked EU raising punitive tariffs on Chinese steel dumping practices, but it suits those same UK politicians if the blame for not protecting UK jobs can be laid at Brussels doors instead of much closer to home. The UK government is now totally reliant on Chinese investors to keep the UK’s trade books balanced.
  • In the UK we’ve seen 40 years of relentless anti EU propaganda by the likes of Rupert Murdoch who owns the Sun and  the Times. The pornographer Richard Desmond who owns the Express and arch Eurosceptic Paul Dacre who edits the Daily Fail
  • The UK government excels in bypassing parliament by proposing unpopular but necessary rules and regulation in Brussels, getting it passed there by a majority vote. They like this because in this way they can pass the blame on faceless EU technocrats instead of taking flak back home. Nobody in UK parliament holds UK representatives to account, how they actually voted in the EU council of Ministers. Nobody asks them about their shadowy deals, if they stood up for Britain in Brussels. Instead we see a lot of ‘it wasn’t me Guv’ crocodile tears.
  • Then we have the tendency for Whitehall types to gold plate every directive that comes out of Brussels and pride themselves to implement them the very next day. Few realise UK regulators restrict financial institutions more in London than mandated by Brussels. Perhaps because the UK knows how crooked the City is?
    Or in the case of restrictions on free movement for recently joined poor Eastern EU countries, who in the UK knows we could have applied travel restrictions quite legally for years and years!…. But, Oh no we won’t do that. No need for all that. If it all goes pearshaped we’ll just blame Brussels again.

I could go on and on like this. Just read other articles in this blog. And if you get the impression, well actually we have been rather pigheaded and thick as pig shit in Britain in our past EU dealings, well I could’t agree more. My tactful reply in ‘House of cards’ style would be: “You may very well say that, I couldn’t possible comment”.

Point is the referendum was not made legally binding by clever Whitehall design or by shere Tory dimwit negligence. If Jacob Rees Mogg checked his golf club association rules he’d soon discover there a 52% majority can’t set ground rules, like allowing lady players, aside. Usually they need at least 70% of members to agree fundamental changes. He’d argue that kind of protection is built in most club rules for good reason. But something as important as EU membership only requires a simple majority? Think again folk! Over confident arrogance doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Maybe it was Sir Humphrey deliberately not reminding Camoron of that little emergency ‘advisory only’ exit for the shit storm he surely saw coming. After all the UK had a much respected ambassador in Brussels in Sir Ivan Rogers, who kept ringing alarm bells that things were being misrepresented, over simplified. He’s now fired for being ‘unpatriotic’. That’s how far dealing in expert facts get you in Brexit Britain.

Fact is you Brits should count yourselves lucky to have a way out of this Brexit madness. More and more people are waking up to the fact, that rather than pointless asking half of the country to start engaging in collective self harm with a bunch of loony kippers, we need to pull back from the brink. Rather than shooting ourselves in the foot, killing our services sector by restricting the free movement of people our most profitable economic sector requires, we should embrace it for the personal freedom it gives us in return. Freedom to retire to a place in the sun for hundreds of thousands.

Why not come to our collective senses and admit we’ve been had by some very louche types, some clearly racist types, some irresponsible free trade types. People who don’t give a damn about the collective costs of it all.

Let’s stop making ourselves the laughing stock of the free western world sucking up to the likes of Trump. Earning ridicule trying to make up for the loss of our nearest and biggest car and agricultural markets by selling weapons to the the likes of Erdogan in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

This is not the cool Britannia I know! I’m with chunkymark on this. Watch the video to end this evenings entertainment.



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2 Responses to Yes I am Marching again on March 25

  1. Travis Zly says:

    What the French fail to understand is that many Brits like myself are sick and tired of being told by French and Germans what is good for us. We are perfectly happy to take a severe hit to our economy to get shot of nations who believe they have an inherent right to make rules for Britain and the other 25 EU nations like Poland, Hungary, Greece, etc. Over half the British population can see that EU diktats are designed to favour France/Germany/Benelux at the expense of everyone else. Enough is enough. This is not the EU we signed up for. So the Pound lost almost 20% in value…then we shall export more. So the UK banks will not have EU passporting rights…well neither do US banks. So the UK will suffer imported inflation…then we will import less. Britain won two world wars with American help against Germany. The latest trade war will be no exception. Grneral Charles De Gaulle did not want the UK in the European trading bloc. He was so right. He was probably the last of the great French statesmen.

    • lasancmt says:

      What I am sick and tired to death of is Brits like yourself imagining and pretending that Germany and France rule the EU in some evil axis of power. They have votes according to their population. So does the UK So does the Netherlands. I’ll tell you another thing. It was pretty much a sole British idea to enlarge the EU with the former East block countries. Blair pushed this idea as the British Foreign Office advised him this would dilute the Franco-German voting block. So after being badgered by Britain the rest of the original EU members reluctantly agreed. We insisted that there would be restrictions of movement for these new nations built into the enlargement treaty, because we knew what would happen with migration.

      But do you think Britain applied those perfectly legal restrictions on immigration? No! Sir Humphrey or some other Whitehall twat didn’t think it would be necessary. So while there was a perfectly legal way to stem the tide of immigration under EU law, Britain opted not t use it.

      Then a few years later gullible idiots like you start complaining. UK has nothing to complain about. You cannot expect to join a club and automatically be made head boy or head girl. You in UK are just another EU citizen. Nothing better, nothing superior, nothing worse. That’s called democracy. That is pooled sovereignty. But all you twats can come up with is that you want your cake and eat it (without contributing to the cost of the club)

      Britain used to be called the sick man of Europe. It must have been a real workers paradise when you only had to work three days a week in the seventies, because factory bosses could not keep the shop floor open longer. Things started to turn for the better after UK joined the EU>

      Another self inflicted wound was when you decided to kling on to your over valued pound. While your closest neighbours in the Benelux, France and Germany started raking it it with exports, the UK manufacturing sector became uncompetitive. You priced yourself out of the market.

      As a consolation prize the EU let you develop your services sector. The UK was actually quite good at that, but the benefits were only felt in London and your surrounding stockbroker belt. The rest of the country north of Watford was fucked by the Tories.

      Still your Foreign owned tabloids led you to believe it was all Europe’s fault. Not UK’s ruling class incompetence and labour’s collaboration.

      You know what? People like you are so deluded, gullible and thick as pig shit it makes my Dutch blood boil!!

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