Brexit means Brexit whatever that means


With thanks to Chris Riddell who is the political cartoonist for The Observer and author of The Ottoline books, Goth Girl, and The Edge Chronicles with Paul Stewart.

This week I have mainly had fun trolling dimwitted Roger Helmer MEP on his WordPress blog where he entertains simple minded kippers with his almost daily post referendum debriefs. The problem I have with Roger’s exercises in selective perception is that instead of doing the job he is elected to do and between visiting massage parlours, he seems to spend all his time trawling what passes for UK news media for #brexit stories with a happy ending. This in order to justify the deceit he and the rest of the vote.leave campaign has foisted upon an unsuspecting dimwitted British electorate.

Of course we now all know that there was never a unified leave camp with a common post Brexit vision. In the leave.EU camp we saw raw xenophobia combined with naked racism but also the odd free marketeers who just want to sign as many Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with emerging markets as possible. This because they were led to believe that the EU is some sort of protectionist neo-colonial racket. Then we have deluded labour supporters that have read in the Daily express that Brussels stops the UK from protecting ‘our steel industry’ but in equal numbers we find verbose ‘free marketeers’ for whom tariffs and customs union are dirty words. Never mind that it has been widely reported that in fact it was the UK Government led by Camoron and Osborne that blocked the EU raising punitive tariffs on their new-found Chinese bankrolling friends, when they were dumping their surplus steel on EU markets.

On top of this toxic mix we have of course a third group of Brexiteers that only want to leave the EU in all but name. They think Brexit could be achieved by copying some sort of Norwegian fudge and renewed/continued Efta/EEA membership like Norway and Lichtenstein seem to have. This group follows the ramblings of Dr. North as explained in his Flexcit pamphlet. In numbers they again are almost neutralised by an equally fervent group of Brexiteers that just want to invoke Article 50 willy-nilly and trade under standard WTO terms with the rest of Europe and the world. While Dr North ideas are well researched and could work in theory, I suspect this last group think Britain could thrive by signing Free Trade Agreements in Asia, India and Souh America and get rich just by pocketing the EU’s common external tariff as a customs union. When you ask them how they would deal with the EU’s stringent ‘Rules of Origin‘ restrictions Norway has to respect, their eyes just glaze over. Maybe they just think they can start an old fashioned EU smuggling operation from Dover?

Gradually more discerning Brits are starting to realise that the likes of Prof. Patrick Minford (with his barmy free market ideas) make unlikely bedfellows with kippers screaming that a UK Government in the EU can’t protect their jobs in a run down, low-productivity UK manufacturing sector. It also dawns on them that Dr. North EEA/Efta ideas are diametrically opposed to those who would have Britain default to trading under WTO rules.

If these four brexit options had been on the ballot paper alongside the ‘Remain in EU’ option us remaniacs would have won by a landslide. The only thing that unites the brexit voters is their hatred of anything EU, where all European nations are treated equally. They just can’t stand it.

So here’s the thing Roger. You can’t in the same blog post claim Nissan’s stance (as reported by the BBC) and Minford’s stance ( as reported by the Daily Express) are both good news for brexit. Both views are incompatible. Nissan’s chief executive says they’ll look favourable on continued investment in Britain if it stays in the Common Market while Minford says Britain should leave that same common market to prosper. Both views are mutually exclusive and as a politician you should take sides. By claiming both are good news you are basically admitting that like most brexit shouters you haven’t got a clue what comes after.


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1 Response to Brexit means Brexit whatever that means

  1. lasancmt says:

    This is my latest comment left on Roger’s debrief of August 10
    Roger keeps confusing closing down UK bargain basement sales success stories with Brexit success. Of Course when you have crashed your currency you will have tourists from strong currency zones flocking to book cheap shopping holidays. That is not a sustainable economy. That’s like saying the carcass of a cow picked clean by vultures was a popular cow.

    Finally Roger has given us a glimpse of what kind of trade agreement he’d be after if Brexit ever happens. Leave the single Market, sod the WTO fall back position, but use UK’s non-existing bargaining chips to strike a UK-EU bilateral trade deal that is even better than Norway’s.

    When you ask kippers which country in Europe has such a deal they come up with examples like ‘Canada’ and ‘Mexico’ because they are blind to the significance of the words ‘in Europe’ in the above sentence. They have it lodged in their mind that there’s the UK and there’s the rest of the EU countries. They’ll still sit at at all the high tables in the world but next to the EU as an equal.

    Well in your dreams maybe you will my kipper friends.

    Re tariffs, I’ll try one more time. UK will not be able to simply raise the same tariffs to match the common external EU tariff and pocket it. That’s because according to WTO rules the EU is a ‘Regional Trade Association’ and the UK is just a ‘country. So any post brexit tariff the UK would like to raise has to match it’s ‘most favourited nation’ tariff. So forget being able to strike ‘Free trade deals’ with China or Korea while leveraging 10% on say German Cars. Only RTAs can do these kind of deals, which is why most countries are flocking to join such Regional Trade Organisations in Asia and the Americas.

    Kippers read this twice before commenting and then ask someone like Dr. North first before spouting your ignorance on all things trade related on a public forum.

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