Brexit post mortem

All of last week I now realise I have been in mourning trying to deal with some very raw emotions, having poured heart and soul into the case of Britain remaining in the EU.

On twitter I changed my profile picture and description. It sort of encapsulates how I am feeling right now.


Back in old Blighty we saw the usual spectacle of political backstabbing and infighting and desertions. Seems we’ll have another British Premier that will resort to slamming her handbag on the table when she doesn’t get her way.

My main scorn however is reserved for Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, who having gnawed a huge hole in the ship they’re sailing in, now have swam ashore like rats.
They want nothing to do with the mess they created. Never had a plan what to do next.


Farage and Johnson getting their lives back

Meanwhile the widely predicted crash of the stock market and pound sterling has happened. Although the Ftse 100 seems to have recovered a bit the picture around the globe remains gloomy. Brexit shouters do not seem to understand that the FTSE100 is denominated in Sterling, so that even today a Dollar investor in that index is looking at a loss in value of more than 10% since June 23rd. And before you ask, no I am not an investor with a huge portfolio of shares. However like most British ex-pats, a) my pension fund relies on the stock market doing well and b) will net me less and less with a plunging Pound Sterling. This is why for us Brexit is a double whammy.

Another ironic  consequence of this Brexit currency shock is that that according to the Independent France seems to have overtaken the UK as the world’s fifth largest economy. Remember how  pro leave.EU campaigners used to brag about being no. 5 in the world GDP rankings? Talk about UK scoring a massive own goal. Talk about devastating blue on blue casualties in this phoney British class war.

I leave you with an upbeat block quote from GQ Magazine, who capture my mood brilliantly:

“I really miss last week. Leaving aside our historical dalliances, Britain has done some terrible things in recent years. Wars, foot and mouth disease,Love Actually. But when it comes to out-and-out unequivocal f***-ups, the EU referendum result takes some beating.”


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1 Response to Brexit post mortem

  1. apbaxter94 says:

    Whilst your annoyance at the leave campaign is entirely warranted, your pessimism is not. The IMF has for several years been saying that our currency is over-valued. Though this is hardly the way in which we would wish to see such a correction occur, it may do us good in the long term. Our prospects for leaving the EU are not terrible; we are at least not in the euro and so do not need to disentangle from that catastrophe. A transition to an EEA deal is looking likely in the short term, minimizing uncertainty. So as much as you may wish to wallow in self-despair, I would advise you look at the positives possibilities ahead of us. Independence isn’t free.

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