The irony of UKIP’s perverse ‘points system’


With just days left till the dreaded EU referendum this blog post is penned, with some trepidation, to counter the ugly anti immigration tide the VOTE.LEAVE  side is taking the public debate. I will be skating on thin ice and risk being called a racist myself, but here it goes. Let me know if I went too far in the usual ‘comment’ section.

I don’t believe for one moment that the Australian points system advocated by ukip #brexit shouters is anything other but naked racism dressed up in some sort of respectable packaging designed to hide later intentions of racist mis-use. See illustration if you don’t catch my drift.

The premise of my EU ‘Free Movement’ counter post is that EU immigrants to the UK, after making a welcome and much needed contribution to the UK economy, mostly return home with a packet to buy or build  their dream house in their EU country of origin and live there happily ever after. I am in fact myself a point in case but diverted to France.

In doing so EU immigrants make use of the same guaranteed ‘freedom of movement’ that got them to the UK in the first place. Scrapping Freedom of Movement only dams them in.

We really have to start thinking of EU migration as an economic tide of ebb and flows, not one way UK. The same north south flows make the USA such a successful economy.

The so called Australian style “points system” however is just a means to filter out foreigners whose skin people don’t like (except if they are a doctor or a nurse or a software engineer). In other words acceptable slaves of this day and age, working long hours for wages we pull our noses up for.

The ‘irony’ in all this “we’re less racist towards our Commonwealth friends” grandstanding is, that I have the impression that rather than returning home, commonwealth citizens really make the UK their permanent home and can’t wait to bring their entire family over. I have no proof of this, so that’s maybe where I’m skating on thin ice and could be accused of racism myself. Is it not true that we see ghetto forming in our big cities? It’s not polish quarter’s that are formed, rather Indian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani neighbourhoods. A polish plumber does not feel the need to be constantly surrounded by his countrymen, because he can just take a short weekend break with RyanAir if his family is homesick.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, tell it like it is, rather than dressing up an immigration stance as less racist, because you slip the words ‘Commonwealth friends’ in.

A British Asian friend of mine agrees and has been using the same anti Brexit argument for months. He told me: “The brexit brigade are in denial. They might hate Eastern Europeans, but I assure you, they hate us viscerally foreign “Pakis” a lot more. And brexit would mean *even* more of us would come over.”

The reality is that most #brexit shouters  much prefer that the Commonwealth were just the nice white people of Canada Australia and New Zealand… maybe South Africa too…

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Passionate about Identity Management Disgusted at #ukip and #brexit
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