Brexit Brits just don’t realise who is screwing them, so EU is the easy scapegoat


It always amazes me when brexit shouters have a go at the EU for their common agricultural and fishing policies. Don’t they realise Britain is a ‘Services Economy’ ? Don’t they realise successive UK governments have steered not only the UK economy that way, but that they also actively pursued the interests of the City of London in the EU corridors of power, at the detriment of UK Manufacturing, Agriculture and Fisheries?

I remember clearly reading in a Sunday Newspaper that a lot of the agricultural subsidies in the UK ended up in the wrong hands, because the British delegation in Brussels insisted that Agricultural Subsidies had to be dished out as ‘rights’ so that they could be sold independent of the land they were originally dished out for. This would give UK land owners a little nest egg on retirement and the City another commodity to trade in. The Guardian called it “a blatant transfer of cash to the rich“.

The scandal reported by the Sunday papers that millions of EU subsidies changed hands in this way and ended up filling the pockets of rich City folk and newspaper proprietors with large hunting estates instead of supporting marginal farmers on arable and grazing land.

Click this link to Google how easy it is to find confirmation of this

A similar think I recall happening when the EU common fisheries policy was reformed to support conservation of fish stocks in the EU.  British fleet owners found it harder and harder to make a profit with high UK wages on the one hand and dwindling fish stocks on the other.  So again they made sure the Brussels lobby made fishing quotas something you could sell separate from the original UK boats they were assigned to and rich UK fleet owners were quick to offload them to either Spanish boats where the crew were on lower wages or the more efficient high tech boats the Dutch started using when fishing became tough.

Here is a screen shot of a simple Google search using the words “uk fleet owners sold fishing quotas“. Why don’t you try how easy it is? Why do so many Brits prefer to believe the words of a Charlatan like Nigel Farage who reputedly only attended one of 36 EU fisheries committee meetings, where he was supposed to represent British interests?


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4 Responses to Brexit Brits just don’t realise who is screwing them, so EU is the easy scapegoat

  1. Charles Andrew Efford says:

    The CAP is an indefensible economic and moral obscenity that raises food prices in the #EU and obstructs normal free trade flows in agricultural products to the detriment of farmers in, mainly, developing nations. It is the founding bribe of the EU, being the price paid to France to persuade General de Gaulle to agree to the founding of the EEC. De Gaulle was scornful of Jean Monnet’s plans for the EEC, but France was going bankrupt over the huge farm subsidies that successive French governments had paid to get the politically important French farming lobby to vote for them, so Monnet dreamt up the CAP and persuaded Konrad Adenauer that Germany should pay for it to get France to join. This is why it is still 40% of the EU budget, down from 90% previously, when agriculture is only just over 1% of the EU economy. France still has, because of subsidies, many inefficient small holding and weekend farmers who are still politically vocal and dependent on subsidies. France is the biggest beneficiary of the CAP, because it was designed to benefit French farmers, and stoutly defends this cash transfer to them from the rest of the EU. This situation forces the EU to take the schizophrenic position of giving aid to countries while refusing to buy what they have to sell.

    As for fishing, crews frequently get paid a percentage of the catch price, not wages, though wages do matter in onshore handling. British fishermen are just as able to use high-tech boats as the Dutch.

    • lasancmt says:

      CAP Indefensible? What utter bullshit Charles. I have defended it here on Identityspace many times, for example in this blog post.
      It’s just you don’t like my arguments and I sure as hell don’t like yours. You use exaggerated emotional words like “moral obscenity” but you don’t back it up with arguments. You pretend you have altruistic motives like compassion for your poor countrymen and even for poor African farmers but most people can see straight through your vacuous #brexit arguments. Like the other day around Easter time, you mentioned a UK supermarket had cheap New Zealand lamb on special offer and you muttered if New Zealand could export Lamb unfettered to the EU we could have cheap lamb like that every day. Well I looked it up and New Zealand has a tariff free quota which they can export to the EU but for the last few years they haven’t even fulfilled their quota. Why? Because they can make more money selling to the Chinese. I looked through the frozen section of my local Aldi in France and there were plenty of New Zealand lamb chops for sale. I am sure poor families on a budget buy them. Most consumers prefer to pay a bit more for fresh produce produced by hard working farmers in their own region.

      I am sure your kind of talk goes down well in kipperland, but I just do’t buy it. It would be nice to see if others share your or my opinion.

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