The Great British Brexit Buzz-off Show

I keep nurturing this idea in my mind that it would make for such a great informative as well as entertaining TV show if the BBC could be persuaded to trawl through the best tweets on the #brexit amd #bremain hash tags on Twitter and maybe the various pro- and anti EU FaceBook pages and make a special edition of Question Time, Pointless or Room 101 all rolled into one, where we the people had our say on the June EU referendum and not the same old clique that the BBC parades time after time on these same shows.

After all the 23 June EU referendum is supposed to be our chance to have our say on Europe and the EU, not elected politicians, not tired hacks from tired national Newspapers who are all too bloody predictable anyway and not TV’s funny men or women.

Let’s say we put four fervent #Bremain and four fervent #brexit campaigners in a hot seat answering questions from the audience moderated by someone like David Dimbelby.

As an added interest feature each team could have a big red challenge button and play one of their three Jokers. Whenever the opposite side makes a false or disingenuous claim we’d hear a loud buzz and the cameras would switch over to  Fullfact  or Infacts team of Euro researchers who’d make a ruling if the challenge was justified or not.If the Challenge was correct, the team would get to keep their Joker and the opposite team would loose a life. An incorrect challenge would be punished in the same way.

The team that first looses all their lives (or rather EU lies) loses  not only the show, but might also lose some support for their cherished position.

I hope you get the idea, it would be both fun and educational supporting democracy.

It would be a chance to put some EU myths as well as brexit  scare stories to bed. We would not have to rely on our gut feelings to trust a politician from a certain party or a journalist from a certain newspaper we favour or abhor..

What do people think?  How can we get this ball rolling?  I am ready for it ! I want to be on the panel!


About lasancmt

Passionate about Identity Management Disgusted at #ukip and #brexit
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