Is one size fits all the only way to imagining UK in a Eurozone?



Having one’ s own currency is a convenience for failing UK politicians


When Europhobes  like Mark Conway post comments like ‘one size can’t fit all’ what they really fall for is a myth propagated by inept politicians that a nation has to have control of its own currency as some sort of ’emergency eject button’ for when they completely cock things up in government with wrong and misguided economic policies or in the case of Greece by corruption, national tax avoidance and sheer laziness.

Kippers like Mark ( I call them all kippers regardless of who they vote for) never picture the UK as a strong manufacturing economy; they always portray Britain as the next victim of some evil German conspiracy. Because that’s how they see the European Union’s single currency. I wonder if the old confederate states in the USA  have similar feelings about Yankee-Dollar$.

Never in their wildest dream they could imagine the scenario where the British Industrial heartlands far from London would have prospered using the Euro alongside with the Germans, The Dutch and the Irish to name a few Euro zone counties doing rather well.

But is it really so unimaginable, an alternative future where being part of the Eurozone would have invigorated UK manufacturing by making it more competitive than using an over valued pound? A future where instead of limping along on one economic leg and a crutch called City of London, our economy would have two legs to stand on: World class manufacturing *and* world class financial services? Yet they have the audacity to call commentators like me pointing out the obvious euro benefits ‘unpatriotic traitors’ that don’t believe in Britain because my mind is free to imagine an even more prosperous UK in the Eurozone. In their idiotic way of thinking the Euro would have only one effect and that is somehow our northern temperate island would cast itself adrift and somehow float southwards through the Gibraltar straights until we’d find ourselves moored between Albania and Greece.

By the way, if you think I am deluded and alone in the view using the Euro would have been good for Britain just click this Google search link…..

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