Tu quoque, Boris, fili mi! (“You too for Brexit?, oh my Bullingdon brother!”)

I have to admit, Boris Johnson’s betrayal took me by surprise. All day I had been tweeting something quite sensible he said in 2013 in the Telegraph:

“This is perhaps the most important point of all. If we left the EU, we would end this sterile debate, and we would have to recognise that most of our problems are not caused by “Bwussels”, but by chronic British short-termism, inadequate management, sloth, low skills, a culture of easy gratification and under-investment in both human and physical capital and infrastructure.

Why are we still, person for person, so much less productive than the Germans? That is now a question more than a century old, and the answer has nothing to do with the EU. In or out of the EU.”

He also is on record saying that the EU is arguably better placed to strike trade deals with the US, or China, than the UK on its own.  What could have made him change his mind to now, after much soul searching, declare himself a ‘Brexiteer’ along with the likes of Nigel Farage and of all people George Galloway? The answer of the political pundits seems to be naked political ambition! With all the uncharismatic losers heading the ‘out-campaign’ he is quite easily the more charismatic figure with a certain mass-appeal.  So he saw his chance to stab his best Bullingdon mate in the back and he took it. What we are to make of such a turncoat is anyone’s guess. My hope it will massively backfire.


Today my older brother in the Netherlands, who has a lot of time for Boris, alerted me to the Boris Johnson FaceBook page, where we can read about the kind of soul searching that supposedly went on in Boris’ mind before coming to his monumental decision.

I reproduce my FaceBook comments below, as you won’t find it easily between the 633 comments already there

Marcus Lasance Nigel Farage could never, not in a million years make such a positive case for Brexit. These are lovely sound bytes but they fail to pull on my European heart strings. The turn that the EU project has taken is not because of some malign sinister complot by Eurocrats to amass more and more centralised power at the detriment of democracy and the power of National Parliaments. What has happened is that the politicians and representatives we have delegated to ‘Bwussels’ have been marginalised and sidelined as ‘unimportant’ because national politicians like yourself are ever so shy of sharing the lime light. So the issues which are done better together at an EU level are under exposed or trivialised as bent banana myths. Even worse, when national politicians (not just UK) know that unpopular measures have to be taken, like cowards they hide behind the skirts of Lady Europa. Worse, in the UK Whitehall has a tendency to goldplate every directive with unnecessary harshness and immediacy, again blaiming faceless eurocrats in Brussels. They keep quiet about their complicity. No wonder the popularity of the EU is at an all time low.

There is another explanation for your sudden change of heart on our European Union and it’s much more mundane than sinister. It is your naked political ambition to lead this country. Instead of supporting your Bulingdon mate Cameron to the bitter end, you saw your ‘et tu brute’ moment and stabbed David in the back.”


The story of Europa’s desecration by Zeus in the form of a white Bullindon boy


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