The Right Honorable David Davis MP loses his way on brexit


I used to have a lot of time for the Right Honorable David Davis MP and won’t forget his brave stance on defending civil liberties when he spoke out against storing the DNA records of a million innocent Brits on their National DNA database. He also led the Tory opposition to the government’s plans to hold terrorism suspects for up to 42 days without charge.

But today he is proudly tweeting why he thinks Britain leaving the EU (#brexit) is such a wonderful idea using tired UKIP clichés and I am going to rip into him.  I will “block quote” some of the more pretentious statements from David Davis’ speech on Brexit at the Institute of Chartered Engineers – 4 February 2016

“Economic growth on the continent has ground to a halt. Since the turn of the century, the EU has grown at a third of the rate of the global average, and the Eurozone has grown even more slowly than that. Europe’s share of global GDP is falling, as is its share of global trade. This trend is expected to continue.”

This is a classic line stolen of incorrigible Eurosceptic Daniel Hannan MEP who also likes to bang on about the fact that Europe’s percentage of global GDP is in long term decline. You would think that educated people like Hannan and Davis realise that it is a mathematical certainty that when you add up Global GDP percentages the total cannot rise above 100%?  Yet they express amazement and dismay that when the percentage of the so called BRIC countries rises from just a few percentage points to 30%, the percentage shares represented by the US and EU economies drop in relation. Did they really think we could keep our disproportionate share (USA 25%+EU 25%) for ever? What about the rest of the world, as China growth 8-9% year on year, are ROW going into negative percentages to keep the total restricted to 100%? This kind of talk just doesn’t add up if you think about it for just one minute. While Europe’s share of global trade as a percentage maybe declining, that doesn’t mean the EU market doesn’t grow in absolute terms; that market is still bigger tomorrow than it was yesterday so no reason for #brexit, bricking up the channel tunnel and start building another Titanic in Belfast again.

“The Euro has become a destroyer of jobs. Unemployment across the continent is running at almost 10%, with youth unemployment double that at 20%. For individual countries, these figures are even worse. Greece and Spain are suffering from youth unemployment rates of nearly 50%, and Italy almost 40%. Unemployment is destroying the prospects of a whole generation of young Europeans.”

Here we go again.  A simple coin called the Euro has single handedly ( does a coin even have hands?) destroyed millions of jobs. Of course corrupt politicians and greedy banks giving dodgy loans had nothing to do with this debt fuelled economic burst bubble? Sure when bubbles pop, jobs are lost, but if it was the Euro’s fault, why don’t we see the same percentage of job losses in The Netherlands, in Germany? After all they use the same poisonous Euro. I have a totally different take on this: The same corruption existed in these countries before the Euro, but in the days of the Drachma, Lira and peseta, when corrupt political classes in these countries made a mess of things, they could always resort to devaluing their currency. Using the common Euro currency just made politicians deceit and corruption more visible and societies more transparent. That’s a good thing in my opinion. By the way have you seen the value of sterling crashing recently? And 20% more devaluation is on the cards with Brexit. That will not destroy jobs and ruin people’s live savings and pensions?

“Then there is the Schengen Zone. The passport-less travel area once held up as the pinnacle of European integration is crumbling before our very eyes. The migration crisis that has brought more than a million refugees to Europe’s shores, with many more expected to come, is a stake in the heart of a borderless Europe.”

What a lot of bullshit David. Passport-less travel between Schengen members is dead? Well I travelled between France and the Netherlands several times these last few months since the Paris attacks and I can assure you I was not stopped once at the French Belgium border. I did see a Gendarme checking a few cars at Lille, but then I saw several more doing the same thing at the big motorway péage terminals. Don’t believe everything you read in the Daily Express Davis. A few pictures of gendarmes checking passports for public reassurance is not the end of the Schengen agreement. We don’t have the manpower to go back to that nonsense. We’d rather strengthen our Schengen external borders don’t you know?

“Even with justice, the EU causes conflict. From the faulty European Arrest Warrant, that has led to innocent Brits being detained for months overseas in terrible conditions without trial, to the slow steady creep of the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, we are increasingly finding that our justice system is incompatible with the one on the continent.”

This is a weird one David coming from one who was so vocal in condemning the illegal practice of Britain storing the DNA records of anyone that passed through police station doors, even when later cleared by a court of any misdoing? S. and Marper v. United Kingdom indeed proved that sometimes the British justice system is incompatible with the one on the continent, but it was the British system that breached Human Rights laws and you clearly sided with a Strasbourg court in that case!

“Take immigration.”

I am not going to attack you on this one as in your own words you quite effectively debunk the nonsense of kippers claiming EU immigrants only come to the UK to claim benefits. You said: “In the first year after arrival, only 10% of EU nationals claim tax credits.” That what I expected. Anyway we need those people to prop up our economy. And don’t forget that there are over two million British so called ‘ex-pats’ living working or enjoying their retirement in EU countries. You don’t want them all sent home do you? No I didn’t think so. Let those elderly Brits clog up French A&E departments right?

Economic Consequences of Brexit”

So you have listened to Professor Minfords sharing his ‘free trade’ bullshit with the foreign affairs select committee? Well done David! You have done your homework. I have dealt with that idiot’s testimony in a separate blog post to which I refer you here. Whole countries were destroyed following the advise of Milton Friedman and his ilk. Chile was a showcase of de-regulation gone berserk. I will let you read about that here: Note to readers: Chile’ industry keeled over and died. Chile’s GDP dropped 19%. Unemployment went from 4.3% to 22%. Minford is of the school of Friedman, never forget that folk!

David Davis also mentions so called academic work done by Michael Burrage in an exercise for the right wing Civitas think tank. Fortunately I also dedicated a whole blog post debunking his arguments here. So you can read that David and see where you were misled. Never heard of that old Mark Twain warning : Lies, damned lies and statistics? The main lesson of that particular blog post is: Politicians do not enable trade to start flowing simply by signing a new trade deal with a lot of pomp and ceremony, they are always running after the facts and as I demonstrated, so is Burrage.

“We are too valuable a market for Europe to shut off. Within minutes of a vote for Brexit the CEO’s of Mercedes, BMW, VW and Audi will be knocking down Chancellor Merkel’s door demanding that there be no barriers to German access to the British market.

Here we go again. The we buy more from them than they from us ukip mantra. Can I ask you a personal question David. If a UK captain of industry asked you to rush a law through parliament for them, would you hold out your hand for a bung? Why would Angela Merkel? Remember ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense

Anyway what is the worst that could happen to the motor industry? The kind of people that buy new BMW’s, Audis, Porches, Mercedes, they are not going to be dissuaded if
-‘in retaliation’- the UK felt it had to slap the same 10% common import tariff on quality German cars as the EU no doubt would be forced to slap on Nissans from Sunderland.

Yes because it would be Britain that would be shutting down doors to trade after a #brexit, not the EU commission. Why would they try to raise barriers for member states exports to other parts of the world. I’d worry more about the CEOs of Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Tata knocking on Cameron’s door Davis? Or rather his replacement at No. 10.


It’s the Nissans Stupid

“And then there is the City.”

“It is extremely unlikely”,you say David, “that the City of London would be damaged should we leave the EU”. Well we have heard the same worthless assurances from Nigel Farage. Politicians do not have to back such reassuring noises with actual personal guarantees. Their government pensions are safe in any case. But are the jobs of all those foreign banks already making contingency plans for brexit? Kippers, and now it seems you too David, say these things so smugly. It is as if you have never witnessed ‘an ugly divorce’ in your family or circle of friends. If I asked you, would the US Government let Wall Street move from New York to Havana, you’d laugh sheepishly and say “of course not”.  But after brexit the rest of Europe is going to continue letting Britain pick the cherries out of every financial pie? Dream on David. Wake up, smell the coffee!

“Trade targets: We must see Brexit as a great opportunity to refocus our economy on global, rather the regional, trade. This is an opportunity to renew our strong relationships with Commonwealth and Anglosphere countries.

This delusion deserves my greatest scorn. Learn to run before you can walk David. Most wannabe UK traders can’t even be arsed to take English spoken orders from UK ex-pats for delivery in France or Spain where so many Brits retired. Not even when you wave your UK Barclaycard in their face and tell them which well known international carrier they should use for logistics and safe delivery. And it is with this kind of SME entrepreneurs the UK would be more successful trading globally? Selling to Pakistan Tribal lands or Malawi herds men? If it wasn’t so funny you’d just have to cry and cry.  I know you are only regurgitating economic nonsense from fellow conservative MEP Dan Hannan, but you really ought to read this particular blog how ridiculous that dream of reviving the old Empire is.

The EU per capita GDP is $35,000 instead of the Commonwealth’s $3,500.  And that $3,500 average becomes a lot lower if we take the two richest Commonwealth nations Canada and Australia away from this figure. Go figure where the biggest market is for Jaguars, Bentleys, Rolls Royce?  But also for more down to earth UK Nissans, Tiptree Marmalade, Cadbury chocolate bars, McVitie’s Hobnobs. Not in some village in rural Africa! Not in the tribe lands of Pakistan. The truth is these countries may be growing fast, but we just don’t make the kind of goods their developing economies need, let alone can afford.


Our Chief has a Range Rover!

Now go back defending the causes you are really great at like civil liberties, but please Davis, don’t do any more speeches on the economic benefits of brexit. It makes you look like that fool Dan Hannan.


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4 Responses to The Right Honorable David Davis MP loses his way on brexit

  1. John rowland says:

    Spoken royalty like a still disgruntled remainiac, get over it

    • lasancmt says:

      John have you looked at the date of the post you are commenting on? It was February for Christ sake. Blame me for having the foresight to point out the man is a bona fide idiot? You heard what his last public statement on brexit was? Britain will have a trade area ten times the size of the EU? Simple maths tells us thT area would have 150% of global GDP, which once again shows he so dumb he doesn’t understand simple things like percentages😰. Unless he was referring to the land mass rather than the purchasing power of Britain’s new trade area of course 😂. Well good luck selling Mini Coopers in Malawi rather than Milan😝

  2. lasancmt says:

    More and more media are publically taking the piss out of The Right Honourable David Davis Minister for Brexit. A price quote from Vanity Fair: “the government minister in charge of Brexit, the aforementioned David Davis, only realized in the last few months that it would not be possible for the U.K. to forge individual trade deals with different E.U. member states. As an old debating partner of mine—we have shared many platforms on civil liberties—I hesitate to be too brutal about Davis’s failure to grasp that E.U. countries cannot make discrete trade deals. But, frankly, it beggars belief that he lived for so long under this illusion, and that these wildly optimistic fantasies weren’t challenged.” More on

  3. Bill McCormack says:

    It will all be OK, don’t worry. I know that because that idiot David Davies told me so!

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