Hannan twists the facts – again

It’s always nice to see one’s accusations confirmed by other bloggers who spot the same lies. Hugo doesn’t actually use the colourful language I used, when I called Dan Hannan nothing but an ordinary #brexit liar

Source: Hannan twists the facts – again

Another vindication of what I have been saying in my blog came  today in a fantastic article By Jeremy Warner in the Telegraph

The wider story of a country living beyond its means is told by Britain’s “other deficit” – the shortfall between what it earns abroad and what it spends, or the so-called “current account deficit”. This has been at alarmingly high levels for a long time now, and among advanced economies is equalled only by Australia, which imports virtually everything outside raw materials.

Time was when a shortfall as serious as this would have caused a balance of payments crisis, a collapse in sterling, a calamitous rise in interest rates, and a deep recession to match.

Source: Here’s the real threat to the UK economy, and it’s got nothing to do with China


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