Ukip are the real ISIS foot soldiers!

Roger Helmer, ukip MEP for the West Midlands has just published his very own shameful reaction on the Paris attacs with the surprising title: ‘Islam is a religion of Peace


His featured image of a bunch of ISIS fighters is probably meant to be ironic (like my photoshopping of it) Roger: ukip don’t do irony! I thought you knew that?

Of course Roger’s post is anything but an attempt to build bridges with 1.5 billion human beings representing over 23% of the world population. Believers wo’s faith causes them to suffer a lot more from ISIS attrocities than he or we ever will.

In behaving the way Roger and some commenters do, they are actually responding in exactly the way these deash terrorists want them to do. By using inflammatory images and rethoric, Roger has in effect become an ISIS foot soldier.  ISIS want to spread hate and fear; Roger and his leader Nigel Farage willingly step up to the mark. Their bigotry encourages in turn their own brand of EDL and Britain First rough necks to commit their own brand of terrorist acts to the UK Muslim population. ISIS Mission accomplished!

In the comments section of Roger’s post there are to be found the usual bigoted racist comments of the kind of people ukip pampers to: An EDL cab driver that once had an unfortunate incident with a Muslim over a fare. Some loud mouth English ex-pat that thinks having lived in an ex-pat compound in Saudi-Arabia drinking him self stupid on home brew makes him an expert on Islam.

I mentioned that I am so proud of my four children who won’t stand for ukip bigotry.  To finish this post I would like to share with you a link to a CNN TV intervieuw one of them posted on FaceBook to make fun of bigots. Here a bimbo tea party presenter tries to goad Reza Aslan on exactly the same road as Roger Helmer does his followers with his tired Rhetoric on Islam and Violence.

Stick to blogging about the things you know about Roger like the sex industry.

Reza Aslan Challenges the Corporate Media Rhetoric on Islam and Violence

Reza Aslan Challenges the Corporate Media Rhetoric on Islam and Violence




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