DAILY MAIL COMMENT: We show we can fudge trade statistics with the best of kippers

Today my eye caught a tweet from @MailOnline on Twitter about British exports to Europe: They said they were down 2.1 per cent… sales to the rest of the world up a remarkable 6.8 per cent. Hey we’re good to #brexit right?


Now I follow the official UK exports stats regularly so I thought lets check that out. They are usually published around the 6th of each month and sure enough the September figures were just released on the day the ‘Dayly Mail’ carried its story here:


And I quote (cut and paste): “Exports of goods to countries outside the EU fell by 11.8% (£4.8 billion) in quarter 3 (July to September) 2015 compared with quarter 2 (April to June) 2015 when exports to non-EU countrieswere at a record high.”

So I guess we can all guess which figures the Mail was using and kippers are busy retweeting: Not the latest 3 months ONS figures but q2 2015 which was by all accounts an anomaly.

Note that the September figures do not include trade in services as it seems these are only compiled 4 times a year from surveys (not in November).  Until ONS compares the next set of figures the ones I quote are the latest ones and hence another British tabloid cought lying and kippers lapping it up as the gospel truth.


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