The EU very much has the whip hand in brexit negotiations

Every now and then the indomitable Dr Richard EA North of Flexcit and  fame (see blog roll on side bar) comes out with a real corker.

He may be verbatose and have an over inflated sense of his own importance, but he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. We have this in common at least; we both hate #ukip and Mathew Elliott’s ‘Business for Britain‘ and ‘Vote Leave Ltd.’ campaigns with a vengeance. Not because of their goals of leaving the EU, but because of the outright brexit nonsense they constantly peddle and expect the British public to believe. Nonsense so obvious that it does their brexit cause more harm than good. That’s what I like of course.

So from time to time I dip into Dr North’slengthy musings, as he often provides, hidden ammunition to shoot down his less brainy #brexit fellow travellers. He just can’t help himself throwing big angry stones in his China shop. Like in this piece where he muses:

“What they [Vote Leave Ltd] really need to wake up to is that, in terms of world trade law, the European Union is defined as a Regional Trade Agreement (RTA) and, as such, is permitted under trading rules, to discriminate against non-members (which we would be). As such, it can determine the rules of entry for products intended for its market and, if they are not met, it can refuse them entry.

On the other hand, as long as its products meet international standards, which they tend to do as long as testing hasn’t been rigged, we cannot refuse them entry. We are not an RTA and are not permitted to discriminate.

If we choose to impose penal tariffs, we must impose them on all other countries which send us cars. Then, under anti-discrimination rules, we cannot apply any regulations or controls which we don’t apply to our own products, and all other imports.

In short, the practical outcome of this is that, irrespective of whether we reach a deal with the EU, its Member States will be able to continue exporting to us, while we will find it very difficult to export to them. The EU very much has the whip hand. It can afford to wait – we can’t.”



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  1. pm says:

    Marcus In light of the above quote, the answer to Dr North and UKIP is simple,………..

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