Brexit Grexit, a Greek tragedy and a British farce

damoclesEver since over the last few days Eurozone leaders seem to have agreed on the conditions for Greece to seek a third bailout to keep it in the Eurozone, British #brexit supporters have been trying to outdo each other making the most outrageous statements, claiming how this supports their ‘Britain out’ or ‘No toEU’ campaign. This ranges from the understated ‘wonder what this all means for our #brexit campaign’ to the idiotic ukip brigade tweeting German Nazi’s  have just overpowered another EU country. For a while there was even a #thisisacoup hashtag trending on Twitter. Just when I was about to despair and sink into a depression about the silly state of the Europe debate in Britain, one Telegraph columnist  singlehandedly restored trust in my adopted home country by unequivocally pointing out the elephant in the room:

No, the Greek agreement is not a coup and if you think it is, you’re an idiot

He continues to point out..

“Likening today’s German government to the Nazi regime is offensively stupid….if you compare the actions of the democratic German government led by Angela Merkel to those of Nazi Germany, you are not just an idiot but a hateful, small-minded and bigoted idiot…”

Amen to that! But not just kippers with pea sized brains are making this Greek bailout into a brexit thing. Now even some leftish comedian and media darling Owen Jones feels he has to weigh in on the #brexit side:

“You’ve got a massive democratic deficit and a lack of accountability at the heart of the European project… it’s an attack on democracy as things stand.”

Well you can imagine the British brexit brigade getting almost delirious. See it’s not just us right wing patriots saying this stuff about undemocratic German dominated EU, even the left’s poster boy agrees? I want to just finish with my own thoughts.  What kind of message are we giving to our kids? You know the generation that will be saddled with our debts? That it is OK to spend and spend, someone will bail you out in the end? And let’s face it, when the bailiffs come knocking at our neighbour’s door, take their flat screen TV away and their hire purchase car. Do we start shouting the bailiff (doing his court appointed job) is some sort of Nazi fascist preying on the poor?

The German tax payer owns the lion’s share of Greece’s debt (see chart below) and Angela Merkel would be hammered at home by her voters, if she was seen to be throwing good money after bad money, without assurances. And what does Britain do in this time of crises of a club ‘they belong to’?  They stand there scampering from the side lines, refusing to accept their share of the responsibility, just like they did with the drowning migrant crisis in the mediterranean off the coast of Italy. Instead of sympathy with the poor Greeks, all they can muster is ‘schadenfreude’ with the Euro Zone countries.

Very few Europhobes realise that per head of the population Britain’s National debt is actually bigger than Greece’s. “Oh but we can afford to live beyond our means”, kippers tweet.  This is what you get when you sell fluffing up the Cappuccino milk in the City of London into so much froth. When you print pictures of loaded container boats heading for China, but fail to mention most of them empty returns.

Now imagine a no vote in two years’time. Imagine Standard and Poor, Moody’s and all those other credit rating agencies reducing UK government debt bonds to junk status, like they did in Greece.  How many friends will Britain be able to count on to bail her out in her hour of need? Don’t say you haven’t been warned!


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  1. pm says:

    Marcus i am afraid its people like kirkup who are the real idiots! the Nazis never lost the war, or to be more precise Nazi financier and industrial oligarchs survived and where brought back into the fold, not debt forgiveness, more of a case of genocide forgiveness! You made a comment recently about not being bothered who own factories , perhaps you should be, infact we all should be! Marcus here is a link to a website called , and an article called “11 companies that suprisingly collorated with the nazis” , if you find that boring you could try looking at the Brazilian truth commission and allegations of how Volkswagen gave material support to the military junta.The problem for Europe, and the western world, is one of Germany it latched onto the Nazis , today the dominant theology is neo liberal, or illiberal orthodox economic dogma.Therefore we now live , for better or, worse, in a business managed democracy, a de facto form of financial Fascism. Having said all the above ,l agree with you entirely about all this brexit/ flecshit nonsense, if they invoke Article 50, they are in for an absolute shit storm of pain! Oh and please dont call me a kipper ,or euro skeptic! I think the EU needs to get back to first principles as a social democratic entity, and move away from the neo liberal, and destructive wet dream that it has become!

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