About the old-fashioned uses of Sovereignty

Most of  of my previous blog posts have been about the economic absurdities of Britain leaving the EU, debunking some of the myths perpetuated by our ukip friends and Eurosceptic Tories. When it comes to arguments about ‘loss of sovereignty’, other than making fun of people who get hot under the collar where their food labels are designed, I find those kind of points much harder to debunk. Basically I couldn’t care less about national sovereignty. That may be because I feel more European, rather than Dutch, English or French. Today I would like to reblog someone who has actually put into words, far better than I ever could, why the sovereignty these europhobes so hanker after, is nothing but an illusion.

In 2015, people and parties, which are talking about sovereignty, mostly use it to protest against Europe. Against European integration, at least. In France, the Front National (FN) believes it garners electoral successes, defending the Nation, the French People and their unchallengeable sovereignty when really, most of its newly recruited voters just try to express their disbelief in the ability of the traditional political parties to solve the economical crisis that France seems stuck in. In the UK, Cameron made a political bet ahead of 2015 General Elections, which was quite right at the crossroad between obliviousness and a kamikaze oath, when he promised to hold a referendum concerning the UK membership to the EU. This was, too, on behalf of the sovereignty from which London has allegedly been deprived by Brussels. The EU is a fairly handy scapegoat for anything that goes wrong and that, more exactly, what national leaders can not handle, as a matter of fact”.

Read the full article from “All Eyes on #Politics” here… About the old-fashioned uses of Sovereignty. shareEconomy

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