A recipe for disaster

UK’s massive public debt
UK’s structural trade deficit
UK’s S&P credit rating downgraded
UK’s contemplating #brexit
UK’s recipe for disaster

A container ship leaving  Felixstowe for Shanghai (containers mainly empty)

A container ship leaving Felixstowe for Shanghai (containers mainly empty)

Some links for you to support my claims

  1. http://www.debtbombshell.com/
  2. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/uktrade/uk-trade/april-2015/stb-uk-trade–april-2015.html
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11671596/UKs-credit-rating-downgraded-to-negative-by-SandP-on-EU-referendum-risk.html

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Passionate about Identity Management Disgusted at #ukip and #brexit
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7 Responses to A recipe for disaster

  1. Please don’t be a so naive to think that all supporters of #Brexit are nationalists, little Englanders, or Kippers. There will inevitably be overlapping voices and opinions but myself and many of those i know are lovers of #Europe and all things #European. We embrace its rich diversity and our trade links stretching back thousands of years. What we are against is closer political union and the undemocratic nature of the #EU parliament. I will not trade our Sovereignty and ability to pursue our own national interests in preference to being locked into an outdated 1950’s political dream to promote peace on our closest continent. One size does not fit all which is plain for all to see and i envisage Britain working closely with our neighbors in Europe but not being run by #EU. The right of self determination and democracy will be my platform in this upcoming debate. I look forward to seeing how pro Europeans can justify the undemocratic nature of the EU political system.

    • lasancmt says:

      I fail to see the undemocratic nature of the EU. On the contrary having worked and lived in three other EU countries after leaving the Netherlands in 1984, the only thing constant is my ability to vote in European elections when my adopted country would not let me vote other than in council elections.

      I can’t wait till we have fiscal unity and welcome the day we will collect all taxes in the EU via the EU and then distribute them back to Member states. At least I won’t have the undignified spectacle of France telling me I owe them thousands underpaid while the Netherlands is sitting on 6000 euro which they say I am entitled as ‘overpaid’ but won’t give until June 2016. Too many civil servants of the state are a waste of space and do not contribute to the economy at all, they just fiddle with money others make.

  2. pm says:

    Marcus you are having a larf? please tell me how the EU is going to be more efficient in collecting tax? I notice you have been dumped off the EU referendum blog , no great loss there, as they are a buch of nutters! As for the issue off sovereinty, the EU by its very nature is becoming , or trying to become, a sovereign entity.Of course this is a total pipe dream, infact we only need to look at the mess in Ukraine to realise how dangerous the EU has become. This situation could be completely different if the EU had some balls and told America to go and f**k itself! …….alas this not the case .So Marcus, sovereign power and influence is very, very important! I am afraid the EU is the worst of all possible worlds, a mushy sluggish paper tiger bullied by the good old US of A .The question is how can the EU become truly sovereign?……over to you Marcus

  3. lasancmt says:

    I am not having a laugh, I am deadly serious. I look at 28 countries each having their own antiquated tax systems not talking to each other, while EU citizens are free to work anywhere.
    A free lance contractor like me who works a few weeks here and a couple of months there in different EU countries gets hammered by these silly systems, because they all tax you assuming you make that sort of money 52X5 so they deduct at the highest rate possible because they have no overview of the fiscal position.

    The same applies to pension liabilities. With 30 years National insurance contributions I am fully paid up for may OAP in Britain, but then I also have 12 years accumulated rights in Netherlands, two in Belgium and by the time I’ll be 65 also 7 in France. Does that mean I get 150% of a normal state pension?

    VAT would also be much simpler to account for at an EU level. The common market requires common rules for VAT or there are too many loopholes.

    Sure a new EU system to be built will be expensive, but I imagine it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than running 28 separate tax authorities.

    United States of Europe, I say bring it on!

  4. pm says:

    Marcus the only united states Europe is getting is the one from across the Atlantic , and they will throw us all under the bus to destroy Russia.

    • lasancmt says:

      I had hoped those days are over pm, but who knows you might prove me wrong one day.
      Personally I’d rather stand united as a European Union against Russia than to expect good old USA to come and sort us out every time we pissed in our own bed.

      • pm says:

        Marcus we HAVE pissed in our own bed….. its called Ukraine.We dont need to stand against Russia we need stop expanding NATO! We need to stop the growth of extreme ultra nationalism in Kiev and the Baltic States! We need to treat Russia as Russia instead of the old USSR.I agree entirely that the European Union should stand united ,but it can only do so free from US involvement in our affairs , therefore, i suggest get rid of NATO and America and create a genuine EU defence/security architecture and move towards closer integration with the Eurasian Union and China’s new silk road. if we dont i am very fearful we simply wont have a future! its not a case of being proven right , its what happens when it it all goes horribly wrong?

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