Keeping up appearences

owen paterson

Owen Paterson, an Eurosceptic Tory spokesman on the #Marrshow today

Listening to Paterson on the #marrshow today, he seemed to be singing in tune with the part of the Tory party that share delusions of grandeur with nationalistic ukippers. He also seemed to sing well rehearsed lines from Dr. Richard North Flexcit hymn sheet. First he boasted again about the UK being the 5th largest economy in the world and how he resented the UK being represented by a Swedish psychiatric nurse. (EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström, was indeed a nurse for 3 years, this must immediately disqualify her right? The rest of her CV is impressive. That’s why she got the job, I’m sure)

Anyway, as is my custom, I keep pointing out that the main problem with the no-camp is that they are always barking up the wrong tree. Are ‘freedom and sovereignty’ really better served outside the EU trade block? Will the UK vote different to the EU trade representative in all but a few rare cases? Has the UK not often held the same post in the EU commission as Ms. Malmström ?

The uncomfortable truth about Britain’s constant ‘higher than exports’ imports is that the UK has been selling the family silver for decades to balance its trade books. Today, who owns the major manufacturing plants in Britain? Its car assembly lines? Who owns large chunks of its transport and distribution services? Who owns the prime real estate in London? What does this ‘freedom’ get UK citizens, other than a chance for their elected representatives putting up another charade in other than non-EU international bodies they like to speak of ? Just about everything Britain once proudly owned is mortgaged to the hilt with the same people Paterson says he would like to negotiate with for a better deal?

My handle on twitter is ‘Opium Wars’ to remind kippers of a period in it’s history when the UK was running out of silver to pay for the Chinese tea is was so fond of importing. (The Chinese emperor made it clear he wasn’t really interested in anything the UK manufactured in those days either).

A commenter in the Telegraph pointed out that since 2008 the UK’s exports now includes gold. Large quantities are exported via the Swiss to China. Is this gold mined in Great Britain, or is it just another case of ‘selling the family silver’? Remember I blogged about this here and the inclusion of precious metals in UK export statistics mainly seems to serve to UK’s desire of ‘keeping up appearances’ at all costs ?

Personally I don’t mind terribly who owns our factories, as long as they are in the EU and respect EU laws that respect our European values. That’s why I am in #voteYes

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