Selling the family silver


Empty containers returning to China are a consequence of Britain’s trade deficit. ( The one’s going to EU travel mainly by road)

The funny thing is that kippers and delusional hacks like Mr Spence in the Telegraph yesterday look at all those containers being loaded at the Port of Felixstowe bound for the EU and the rest of the world and think they are all full of British quality goods for export. Well I know someone who actually loads them and he assures me most of them are empty!

Some of them go on to Germany for them to fill up. After all they sold what, 75 Billion worth of goods to China? About ten times what Britain sells.

So how does Britain finance it’s never ending trade gap with the EU and most of the rest of the world? By selling the family silver and expensive London Real estate. And thanks to an anonymous commenter sergebonduel we now also know that the Tory government is secretly continuing to hide the UK’s  trade deficit and never ending trade failures by selling gold to the Chinese via Switzerland to the tune of 2 Billion a year.


But hey. always look on the bright side. Britain is not bust yet. The crash and devaluation of Sterling will happen long after brexit and the ones that caused it will be sipping Martinis on their yachts in Monaco by then.


UK’s exports of gold to China (via Switzerland) are boosting the Eurosceptic No voters that trade with ROW is healthy and rising. I call it selling the family ‘s gold

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    • lasancmt says:

      Thanks for your response. I guess you comment is a general one on the blog, as you don’t really reply to any of the specific posts I raised in ‘Recipe for disaster’. This is not unusual behaviour from ‘no voters’.

      Of course you are entitled to your opinion, I have no problem immediately hitting the approve button, even if I don’t share it.

      Specifically two points you raise I do have a problem with and that’s your assertion the EU is ‘undemocratic’ and ‘an outdated 50-ties dream’

      AS far as I know the most important body in the EU that makes policy are the council of Ministers. These are all elected leaders of the EU member states. Then there’s the EU parliament. I sure remember voting for them. Then there’s the EU commission. OK they are appointed, but I see them mainly as top rank civil servants. Also in the uK ‘Mr Humphrey’ is an appointed civil servant and we all know from ‘yes minister’ they wield power, but mainly in the background. So some Eurosceptics claims of the EU being some sort of North Korean dictatorship or EUSSR are utterly false.

      Then your suggestion that the EU somehow is a fifties post war dream: It is true that the ‘keeping the peace by keeping them trading’ EU objective has been largely met. But there are still skirmishes on our Eastern Border. The influx of fugitives and economic migrants from the African Continent and the Middle East are very real and in no way outdated history.

      But the most important raison d’etre for the EU is globalisation. This is the arena where we as the EU speaking together with one voice, still have a far bigger aspect than speaking as individual countries. I realise this is more true for small countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, but don’t fool yourself Britain. How ever hard British Nationalists bang the drum of being the sixth or soon maybe even 5th global economy, we are dwarfed by the sheer sizes of USA, China and one day Africa. Less so as a European Union.

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