Lies, damned lies and #ukip Statistics

Europhobes, like Dan Hannan MEP who kippers love to quote, are fond of rummaging around for statistics that are supposed to further their #brexit cause.  The latest one doing the rounds is the following. It’s meant to scare us! IMF2 The narrative is invariably that the whole world is growing apart from that rotten EU corpse Hannan keeps blathering about. In an older post I have explained why the EU’s and the USA’s percentage of Global GDP going down is natural and only as you’d expect. We in the western world can’t continue to lay claim on half of the word’s resource for ever. Nevertheless I thought I’d check the IMF sources of these graphs constantly quoted out of context and without mentioning the appropriate caveats for ordinary folk not blessed with an economics or statistics degree. After a bit of Googling on a rainy day I found anyone can download these data from the IMF data base, put them in an Excel spreadsheet and press the ‘insert graph’ option. Putting the same data ranges for Great Britain, their beloved Commonwealth and the hated EU in one spreadsheet, it immediately becomes obvious why no kipper or eurosceptic Express journalist will ever do this and publish the results.  Why? Because immediately it becomes obvious what I expected all along. That is the same downward trend Dan Hannan like’s to rub our noses in, is also visible for the UK and their beloved Commonwealth of ex-colonies that still hate their guts. I will let the resulting graph and data ranges speak for themselves IMF

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  1. Michael says:

    All it means is that the world economy is growing (much) faster than the EU economy. The EU share is going down, but the EU economy is still growing. Since this stuff is calculated in US Dollars, the exchange rate actually impacts all this quite a bit. If only economy and statistics would be so simple as some people pretend.

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