Dan Hannan is a liar

Dan Hannan Tory MEP and eurosceptic supremo is a liar. There I have said it again. Must have said it four times by now on IdentitySpace.  Please Dan: “Call a lawyer and sue me

What am I so upset about that I call him a liar?  Well this time it’s the first point in his regular Telegraph blog titled: “Nine things David Cameron could bring back from Brussels to satisfy Eurosceptics”

In it he uses clearly fiddled economic data to mislead his #brexit followers.  I refer to the following bar chart of economic data in the article mentioned:


Now anyone that has ever looked at the Wikipedia list of countries by GDP (nominal) will have spotted that whether quoting IMF, World Bank, United Nations or the CIA’s latest figures, the GDP of the EU is always about a trillion dollars higher than that of the USA. So how can in Dan Hannan’s picture the US bar chart be about double the height of that of Europe?  Well there’s a few reason’s for it, but the main reason is that Mr. Hannan is rather economical with the truth to push his political anti EU point. I call it propaganda lies.

In court in his case against @lasancmt Dan will say:” Look judge, the figures I used, I nicked from ‘Business for Britain’, they made the chart’s Y-axis deliberately start at 10 trillion instead of zero, to exaggerate the differences. They also use ‘Eurozone’ figures which are of course smaller than the whole of the EU we want to leave. Not every country in the EU uses the Euro, ourselves included, but the main point is that a) this is clearly only a projection so hasn’t happened so I can’t lie about it, and b) in the small print you will see I used something called GDP based on PPP, not real money”.

“Oh…”, the Judge might respond, “and what is PPP when it is not at home Mr.Hannan”?

“Oh well in simple terms for my Eurosceptic kipper friends I sometimes use PPP. Sometimes PPP GDP is also called the ‘Big Mac Index’. It’s rather handy to convince simple kippers how bad the EU is doing compared to our friends in the Commonwealth. It’s all about ‘Purchasing Power Parity’ really, see, I like to use those numbers rather than ‘real’ numbers you know your Honor, to impress my view on my readers”.

“Are Britain’s exports to these countries paid in ‘Hamburger dollars’ or real dollars Mr. Hannan?”, the Judge comes back and a bit later.. “so Mr. Hannan, you deliberately used ‘hamburger dollars’ to mislead the British public about leaving the EU?”

“Oh….Sorry your honour! I forgot to stipulate we are paid in real Dollars for our exports your Honour!” apologises Dan.

“Nuff said”, says the judge, “I read in your columns you are very fond of “Common Law” Mr. Hannan and every ‘commoner’ in this country would agree with Mr. Lasance you are willfully deceiving the public. Case Dismissed! Costs awarded to Mr Lasance”

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7 Responses to Dan Hannan is a liar

  1. lasancmt says:

    Just Googling Dan Hannan liar for fun it seems I am not the first one that noticed he talks a lot of bullocks for profit….


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