John Redwood butt of a joke like the British Austin Allegro

Thanks to Richard’s North excellent Euroreferendum blog I was alerted to an ‘open letter‘ John Redwood wrote to his swivel eyed loony friends in #ukip to make the peace after the Tories routed them in the May 2015 UK parliamentary elections.

The most extraordinary deluded sentence in the Redwood letter is:

“A vote to leave would trigger a negotiation of a trade based relationship which the rest of the EU will of course wish to have, given how much they export to us”

In common with ‘has been’ ukip economist Ruth Lea, Redwood seems to think “They’ll trade” because Volkswagen AG, Mercedes Benz etc. must have the EU parliament in their pockets. Because our City bankers spend so much of their grotesque annual bonuses on buying German performance cars, rather than buying Range Rovers, Jaguars or Bentleys, the Porsche and Piëch families will just snap their fingers and say to Mr Juncker: “Please give the Brits a Free Trade Agreement and make it pronto!

Austin Allegro

Germans would not touch an Austin Allegro with a barge pole. Market strictly ‘cool’ Britannia, no export success!

Hang on, these German quality cars are not like the Seventies ‘ugly as sin’ butt of many jokes ‘Austin Allegro’ that nobody in the world beside the Brits would touch with a barge pole.  I would say there’s plenty of other markets for them besides Nigel Farage’s banker friends, as anyone that ever visited China will have  quickly spotted at any Beijing or Shanghai traffic light.

This whole idea that the rest of Europe is somehow at the beck and call of the mighty British pound sterling is ridiculous. Many currency traders only see one way for Stirling after a Brexit and that is the way of the Zimbabwean dollar. That is because successful trading countries in the EU like Germany and the Netherlands manage to make a profit trading with the rest of the World, not run a structural deficit for decades, while selling off the family silver to pay for their spending habits. Tory Eurosceptics call this closing down sale of Britain FDI by the way, which is short for Foreign Direct Investment.

Let’s go back to one of the core reasons why the EU Common Market was created in the first place. After WWII the United Stated of America clearly emerged as the dominant industrial power and economic world trade power house. Economists studying the success of US companies growing so quickly from mom & pop stores into multimillion dollar corporations, noted that in the USA business start-ups immediately had access to a huge single market. Having a common currency, the absence of state borders and tariffs and a common language helped them grow rapidly. Having achieved economies of scale in their domestic market, US companies then naturally became internationally competitive on price and productivity, even when faced with competition of often lower wage economies. While the language barrier will of course remain an issue in the EU, by creating a common Euro currency and a single common EU regulatory trade frame work for goods and services, the EU has copied the success factors that made the US the No. 1 global economy. The fact that English is also in the EU the most spoken ‘second’ language only adds an extra advantage to the UK’s EU membership. After a brexit, there is no way that the other 27 EU nations are going to just give the UK unfettered access to the largest and richest unified consumer market in the world ‘for free’. ‘They’ll trade alright, but any post brexit EU trade agreement will have a stiff price attached as Norway will testify.

Beside the single market, this whole side show of ever closer union people get so hot under the collar about, quite frankly is something nobody in Europe besides a few career politicians gives a damn about. In view of the low turn-out at GE2015 it seems not many in the UK do either.

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4 Responses to John Redwood butt of a joke like the British Austin Allegro

  1. lasancmt says:

    John Redwood actually left me a reply on his own blog (where I coped this post in Full) so the following comment is from the man himself, not lasancmt:

    [Reply John Redwood]: “This is a muddled and unfriendly contribution. I cannot see the point of references to 1970s cars.The UK pound floats freely against the Euro today, and has been going up against it in recent months. After Brexit it will rise or fall depending on relative interest rates, inflation rates, rates of money creation etc. There is no way the pound will be trashed by our authorities like the Zimbabwean currency has been in the past. The rest of the EU sells us much more than we sell them. The German government has already made clear they wish to continue with this happy situation and will therefore not want to place new barriers in the way of their exports, and see that means they cannot at the same time place barriers in the way of UK exports either. I thought the EU was meant to b e about greater friendship and co-operation between EU countries, so why do we get so many threats for daring to express our preferences over government?”

    So you see it’s not me saying this, kippers say it and Jon Redwood is a closet kipper. They expect a free trade agreement, no tariffs on either side, while they contribute nothing financially to the running of the common market. That’s what kippers think is a free trade agreement.


  2. Mr J M Joyce says:

    We’re all in EFTA so trade will carry on just as it does at the moment. We’re leaving the EU (hooray) not EFTA.

    • lasancmt says:

      That’s not a comment Mr Joyce, that’s just jingoism. For starters all four existing EFTA members have a veto on UK joining and let’s face it, who’d want the UK in a club when the first thing they try to do is recreate it in their own image and the second thing they do is after spoiling it for everyone else they run away to pursue their next pet project and pipe dream?

  3. lasancmt says:

    If you really want to know what the difference is between Single Market membership and some sort of Free trade deal with EU watch this excellent video

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