Regulation UK style

Yesterday BBC2 showed a great British movie ‘Made in Dagenham‘(2010). It reminded me one of the few areas where Britain is really world class! Exporting its culture, whether TV formats, Films, BBC News, Magazines, computer games, you name it.

What I never realised is that those 176 women, who walked out on strike for equal pay with men, actually had an impact that rose far beyond the UK. Not only did their actions lead to the UK Equal Pay Act of 1970, it seems that most of the industrial world took their clue from what these brave women achieved in Dagenham at Ford’s and soon after adopted similar legislation.

It reminded me also that it is not always the EU that comes up with this kind of worker’s protection schemes, which Eurosceptic millionaire Tory Donor JCB Chairman Lord Bamford today seems to blame solely on EU business killing ‘Red tape’.He reminded me of the short sighted US Ford executive in the film who lamented: “Pretty soon we will have to pay equal pay to women in all our factories in the US and Europe!”

What Eurosceptics don’t realise that a lot of EU initiatives like the European Court of Human Rights were designed and pushed by eminent British Europeans. Churchill to name but one.

Damned right you will be forced to give equal pay to women Mr Ford or Mr JCB and when all manufacturing companies are forced to enact such legislation we create a level playing field in Europe and together we can even make the other countries in the world follow suit, without driving any one of you businessmen into liquidation.

The whole film was a lesson in ‘stronger together’ and solidarity, something which Eurosceptics just don’t get, unless it’s about keeping the Scots in?


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