The Great European Disaster Movie

Last night I ‘forced’ myself to stay up late and watch The Great European Disaster Movie

Personally I enjoyed it. One of the uncomfortable truths it brought home is it takes the perspective of a young Ukrainian lad, a war reporter from Croatia, millions escaping the ravages of war and poverty in other continents, to see and appreciate what a treasure we European natives have in our EU and how short-sighted of the Eurosceptic movement to throw that precious baby out with the filthy bath water of a financial crisis not caused by the EU, but a global crisis caused by greedy bankers.

It seems the movie was truncated quite a bit to make room for the Newsnight special post-programme discussion, heavily loaded with critics of the European Union, Mr Hitchens, former Chancellor Norman Lamont and Ukip MP Mark Reckless. The Eurosceptic but vocal minority throwing yet another hissy fit, because the BBC might seem biased pro Europe and no sir, we can’t have that can we. We must always also show the ukip lunatics point of view!

But Hitchens took the biscuit when he spouted nonsense like: “In Europe they should work on their rail links instead of a doomed Euro project: Do you know they still have to change locomotives whenever you cross one of their internal borders?”

Hitchens obviously so dislikes the EU, that he has never taken his kids to Euro Disney Paris, or taken a Eurostar to Brussels to enjoy a Leffe or a Liege waffle with cream. As someone who regularly commutes from his home in Central France to work on a project in Maastricht, well… I almost fell off my chair in disbelief when he said that.

Hitchen is also not the only Eurosceptic to cynically lay the blame for the war initiated by the separatist movement in East Ukraine and stoked up by President Putin, on the doors of the European institutions. Like Nigel Farage, Hitchins must be another secret Putin admirer.

But those of us who watched the image of tens of thousands peaceful EU flag waving demonstrators in Kiev are not stupid. We know full well who initiated the Maidan Massacre and then conveniently used it as an excuse  and a diversion,  calling what happened on  20 February an armed coup and using it to justify the annexation of Crimea and support for separatists in in the Donbass region of Ukraine. We don’t fall for the trick of regular Russian soldiers ripping off their official army insignias and pretending to be local patriots wanting to be reunited with the Russian motherland.

You know what? All these kippers up in arms about this film shown on an obscure channel at an unchristian time, shouting the BBC is EU funded and EU biased, they  like to call them selves patriots, defending British values. I see them as the worst kind of Nationalists hankering after the next war to reassert their superiority.  Their fathers and grandfathers who gave real lives liberating Europe, would turn in their graves. So would their cherished Mr Churchill, a founding father of the EU. They would wonder how they managed to produce such stupid short sighted offspring. What went wrong with the famous British education system. Churchill would give them his famous two fingered salute, but definitely the wrong way ’round.

The great EU disaster movie

The great EU disaster movie

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