#ukip’s revolving door #brexit policy, fat chance of EU falling for that one…

As not unusual the 140 characters twitter limitation prompts me to pen a more thorough response here on IdentitySpace, to some common kipper preconceptions about how post a #brexit the 27 remaining EU member states practically will come begging ‘Cap in hand’ to Downing Street to sign a Free Trade Agreement(FTA) with the newly liberated and soaring UK economy. The conversation below will be recognized by all regularly following the #brexit hashtag on twitter.


It will not be a surprise @debatingfools did not see a response from @deanofsurrey. Kippers typically have a big problem even guessing why you ask such questions. Here is what they lack:

Empathy is the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, ie, the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes.

The next thing a kipper will do is mention a random selection of odd ball countries that managed to sign Free Trade Agreements with either the the EU or China and then proceed to question: “If they can sign a Free Trade Agreement, why on earth can’t we? We’re way more important!


Maybe my answer to @deanofsurrey was a bit too cryptic:

Because Korea is on the other side of the world and not in Europe like UK?” 

OK so let me make an analogy my kipper friends. Imagine we have a small town community that desperately needs a ‘sports center’. The skint local council will not build one, so spirited community members club together. They sell shares in a ‘not for profit’ new sports company and after years of hard graft and fund raising the splendid new facility opens its doors. People who have bought shares get reduced entry fees for their family. What would these member-shareholders say to club management if they were to suggest giving non-members even cheaper access than they were promised when they invested their hard earned cash? They’d revolt, wouldn’t they? They’d insist that non-members always pay a premium, even if new members were desperately needed for balancing the club’s books. Are you with me so far kippers?

So now here is a moral and economic lesson for you my autistic eurosceptic friends: Think of the EU as the sports facility. Think of ukip as the ‘new in town’ big earning imports from London. You can throw your economic weight about all you like, but you either pay your club full dues or you do not play squash! But what about Korea and its Free trade deal with the EU you start again?

Think of North Korea as the poor exchange students from the other side of the world. They could not be expected to buy shares, but we still want to make them feel welcome so they can swim, play tennis, play squash for a ‘student rate’ because we hope they’d do the same for our kids if they were studying there.  Plus the local economy benefits from the money they bring studying here. Our university depends on their tuition fees to stay in business. There my kipper friends did that analogy help?

So coming back to the EU, Kippers and eurosceptic Tories, if you throw your dummy out of the pram and invoke article 50 in 2017, do not expect to be offered a Free Trade Agreement before two years of hard negotiations have passed. Best to expect a cold shoulder rather than a special relationship. Don’t worry about all those unsold BMWs, Audis and Porsches in dealers’ show rooms. Its the Nissans stupid!

And when it all goes pear shaped with Mr Farage @Number10gov and four years later UK applies to rejoin, fully expect to be using our EURO as your new currency.


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1 Response to #ukip’s revolving door #brexit policy, fat chance of EU falling for that one…

  1. lasancmt says:

    Ten months on from when I wrote this blog, more economic bloggers are predicting that brexit will not be an amicable divorce. EU tariffs will immediately kick in. Then slowly the damage of not being in the single market will begin to bite. Britain will not profit from trade agreements the EU is about to sign. Banks will move their HQs to mainland Europe. Direct Foreign Investments start to diminish. Who know what brexit costs will end up being?

    11 Billion


    30 billion


    300 billion


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