Not bad Deloitte, Nice Job!

Sometimes it takes an expensive management consultancy company to show Eurosceptic Tories and deluded kippers where Britain’s real problems are:

This may be news to you, but the UK government is nowhere near bringing the UK’s £ 1.4 trillion pound debt down as promised. All they managed in the last three years, is to marginally slow down, the rate by which the UK indebtness increases!

Source Deloitte

Source Deloitte

Deloitte’s “The State of the State 2014-15” report also brings into perspective that Britain’s contribution to the EU budget, even with the £ 1.7 Billion surcharge for good performance, is paltry when compared to the government’s own daily expenses, particularly how much it costs to service the UK’s national debt. Yes that’s right…….!

The State of the State in numbers

  • £1.6 billion: The value to the public purse of every one per cent of public sector staff time saved through a productivity measure.
  • £1 billion a week: What the UK state already spends on debt interest – more than it spends on education.
  • 2044: The year the UK’s spending on servicing debt will overtake spending on public services – if it fails to eliminate the deficit.
  • £1.63 trillion: The state’s net liability at last count (2012-13) – an increase of £283 billion year on year, and the biggest rise since the start of public sector-wide accounts in 2009-10.

Simpleton #ukip activists, even smart people like  Dr Richard A E North in his fleXcit pamphlet, love to quote the Norway example as a country that does quite well outside of the EU. North goes as far as mentioning Norway 146 times, without spotting a huge elephant in the room. This allways reminds me of the greatest political put down in history when Lloyd Bentsen puts down Dan Quayle with the words: You ain’t no Jack Kennedy!

Lloyd Bentsen puts down Dan Quayle

Lloyd Bentsen puts down Dan Quayle

To watch:

Let me tell you #ukip: UK ain’t no Norway!

To illustrate the point open the national debt clocks of UK and Norway side by side

debt counter

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2 Responses to Not bad Deloitte, Nice Job!

  1. Bellevue says:

    Now that you are on Dr North’s sidebar (and I cannot understand WHY, but you are…….) you have to post something.
    I am getting really fed up with coming here day after day, and you dont say anything. Extract the digit if you please, Mr Space!

    • lasancmt says:

      Mes Excuses Bellevue. I am not as prodigeous a writer as Dr North and I am still busy reading fleXcit. I only usually get my two digits out when something really annoys me. I think you can subscribe to getting an alert whenever I post something and I will allways approve comments if they are in good taste and not spam 😉

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