YES! UKIP’s two major ‘Raisons d’être’ this week been thoroughly debunked

UKIP’s two major ‘Raison d’être’ have this week been thoroughly debunked:
First their mythical scare stories on EU immigration where it appears in and out neatly cancel each other out and by the way Britain is the largest exporter of surplus people in Europe…

And secondly the myth about cost of EU regulation strangling British Business: Turns out that Cameron’s own commissioned research shows him up for the fool he is; most respondents from business organisations and individual firms, supported the current balance of competence on the free movement of goods and felt that, on balance, EU action was beneficial to the UK’s national interest.…

Conclusion: Voting UKIP is a waste of votes as most of the time they don’t even bother to turn up in the EU parliament, let alone that they help shape EU legislation in Britain’s or anyone’s interest.

I bet David Cameron, who ordered the reports as part of a review of the UK’s relationship with Brussels, now wishes he’d kept his stupid mouth shut about his referendum on British EU opt out. Everywhere doors are slammed in his face, from Paris to Washington!


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Passionate about Identity Management Disgusted at #ukip and #brexit
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