Aftershocks of an untimely death announcement

As I mentioned in my previous blog it was Dave Kearns’ Identity Management news letter that alerted me to the shocking news of Microssoft pulling the plug on CardSpace. Only today I found the time to read up on how the Godfather of Identity Kim Cameron and others who I greatly respect  took this announcement: Not good and not lying down!

Kim sort of burries this important news, which must not have been pleasant for him, somewhere between the lines of a post titled “From CardSpace to Verified Claims ” posted on Monday February 21st of this year. 

Regardless of why this was the case, it explains why last week Microsoft also announced that it will not be shipping CardSpace 2.0.

I was once credited by Alex Barnett for being the first IAM blogger to get a scoop on Information Cards and let the wider world know about Microsoft’s CardSpace initiative with a report from an EEMA Identity conference in Paris in March 2004. With such a history of involvement you can imagine I find myself in a bit of a quandry right now.  Only last year I persuaded my company to join the ICF and OIX initiatives as a board member!

Why such an important announcement in such an obscure place? Signed by who at Microsoft? Who takes responsibility for the killing of a goose with the potential to lay so many golden eggs for Microsoft?

Craig Burton echoed the sentiments of many when he wrote in his blog

Let me prove my point about how poorly Microsoft behaves concerning this matter. Microsoft and other vendors put hundreds of thousands of dollars into a non-profit organization—the Information Card Foundation—to independently promote the use of the Identity Metasystem. Yet, Microsoft didn’t even bother to let the ICF board know it was going to announce the discontinued development of CardSpace until AFTER the press release was distributed. Now that’s leadership?

But Let’s look forward on a positive note from Craig:

But mark my words, we WILL have a selector-based identity layer for the Internet in the future. All Internet devices will have a selector or a selector proxy for digital identity purposes.

A tractable identity selector—with its accompanying metasystem—is most likely to appear from where it now lives—from the edge. 

 I hope to pen a new blog soon titled ‘Information Cards are dead – Long live information Cards!’ I also hope to prove Greg Burton wrong that the next spurt forwards will come from ‘the edge’. I have said before that the essential attributes to become one of the defacto Identity Service providers for the internet are not those prevalent in small innovative start-ups. Don’t look to to the edge, look to the core of the network where you will find Verizon Business!

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