A wallet for virtual cards on the mobile phone.

In my Dec. 9 post I mentioned I saw some cool iPhone Identity Selectors developed in Deutsche Telecom by Axel Nennker and his team at T-labs and that I would blog about them soon. Below is an image from Axel’s presentation at IdentityNext in the Hague December 8th, 2010.

Mobile wallet

What information cards on a mobile device could look like one day.

i-Phone interface for mobile wallet
Mobile Wallet Evolution.
In App Invocation of Wallet: top-up, fund
I don’t know what it is about iPhone apps that gives them this exta umph or Wow! factor, like the wallet top-up function illustrated to the left.
Maybe it just reminds me of my snug bed and setting my morning alarm on my iPhone which I love in contrast to my BlackBerry Storm (issued and rendered useless by our IT department).
It seems clear to me that the mobile phone in combination with NFC technology has the potential to corner the market.
Like Axel said:
“One ID wallet to rule them all”

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