The curious case of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for IAM

What surprised and then annoyed me, is that the relative position of then SAP (MaXware) and now plain SAP hadn’t budged one iota, inch or centimetre.

Now I can appreciate Gartner wanting to take time-out for a year to see what a big company acquisition of a small player actually means to the acquisition target and its customer base. Some acquisitions go horribly wrong, with a clash of cultures and the original innovative talent leaving the company in droves, leaving only the software assets and hopefully some intellectual property and patents. This is not what happened in Trondheim Norway. I know because of the MaXware FaceBook group 😉

Also a new technical roadmap takes time to develop, especially if competing products end up in the same portfolio. I remember Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Access Manager having two alternative workflow user interfaces. It was clear that eventually one would have to go, in order not to confuse Oracle customers. The roadmap for SAP NW IDM looks solid with the ramp up of V7.2 just announced at SAP Tech Ed in Berlin.

So for its 2010 report it seems extraordinary of Gartner not to have moved up SAP on the vertical scale (ability to execute) in user provisioning, while from a small 35 employee company in Norway, SAP Labs now have the backing of hundreds of Professional Service professionals and a network of new implementation partners world wide. I have been reliably informed SAP’s NW IDM order book is solid, and not just from sales to the existing SAP user base, who in many cases do not have to pay for NW-IDM as it is now bundled in their SAP enterprise licence.

Courion’s place in the leaders’ quadrant – right next to Market Leaders Oracle and IBM- three years running seems equally curious, when outside North America Gartner suggests they seem to be able to offer little support; – so their ability to support large global corporations seems at least questionable!

It seems that we have to interpret Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reports sometimes with a pinch of salt!

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